Malaysia’s F&B Made Better With BellaBot, The Friendly Automated Server, Now Available In Most Restaurants

Your friendly automated server with smooth moves and endearing feline…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
August 3, 2022

Malaysia’s fast-evolving robot-friendly state of civilization—largely thanks to Pudu Robotics, a Shenzhen-based tech enterprise—has officially entered the Malaysia’s market, with a vision to improve efficiency in the service and hospitality industries utilising the latest in robotics technology to develop performance driven delivery robots that are ever-ready to serve with a smile.


As you’re all aware, post-pandemic, the service industry, and the F&B sector in particular, are among the hardest hit sectors facing serious challenges with the acute labour shortage estimated at 40,000 restaurant workers. With foreign worker approval rates at a meagre 0.55% out of over 470,000 total applications, it’s no surprise that many business owners have decided to shutter their restaurants. 

While those that continue to strive on are left feeling the heat spending too much time recruiting and training staff, and that coupled with the high turnover rate is an unnecessary drain on resources.


Pudu Robotics Malaysia is on a path to educate the public about the turning tides in F&B and how a new wave of robot servers are set to change the face of a battered industry with a range of independent, interactive, intelligent robots. Introducing BellaBot, your friendly automated server with smooth moves and endearing feline features, and PuduBot, the fast-moving king of delivery with smart navigation. 

That’s one dynamic duo to partner with the service industry in turning over Malaysia’s notorious reputation for sub-par customer service on its head. The presence of robots is meant to help humans with labour intensive tasks such as delivery, food automation, and cleaning so that more time and energy can be focused on upskilling and improving customer service with high quality interactions.

The realities of restaurant work and the damaging toll it can take on the body is something the F&B industry is known for. The long hours and the physically taxing conditions are a deterrent for newbies to enter the industry. With the help of robots, the future for the industry looks promising with healthier workplace practices and the capacity for workers to have a work-life balance. The familiar presence of this robot can be found in fast-pace restaurants such as Haidilao Malaysia, Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐, Artisan’s Playground, Johnny’s Restaurant, Black Canyon Malaysia and ‘Q’ Bistro.

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