Malaysian Can Now Enjoy A DAYcation & Find The Best Hotels In Town With Flow App

Work from hotels!
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
February 7, 2022

Flow – an hourly hotel booking app, is now available in Malaysia. The app is looking to revolutionise the way guests view and use luxury hotels by introducing Klang Valley residents to the concept and possibilities of daycations and micro-stays at some of the best hotels in town. The Flow app and its platform open up a world of 3- to 5-star hotel room bookings on an hourly basis and is designed to provide users with a convenient, affordable, and accessible tool to maximise the potential and use cases for hotel rooms. 

“Flow is designed to open up a whole new world of possibilities for busy and spontaneous young adults, all just by reimagining how hotel rooms can be used. We have taken a concept previously only reserved for budget hotels and through technology and ingenuity, successfully applied it to 3- to 5-star hotels across the globe. Whether they’re looking to relax, escape, have fun or perhaps to just find some privacy – Flow allows them to book a micro-stay at hotels just as quickly as they can upload a picture on Instagram,” said Eric Lai, co-founder of Flow.

The platform offers users unparalleled customizability and convenience when it comes to booking hotel rooms. Users can open the app anytime they want and make hotel reservations without concerning themselves with the restrictions of standard check-in and checkout times – even customize their experience by the hour and only pay for that specific amount of time. This approach ensures that the experience can be kept affordable and within any type of budget even while staying at 5-star accommodations. The dedication of the founders to maintaining the diversity in the types of hotels offered allows for users to choose options that are easily accessible.

To book through the Flow App, users only need to download the app and register their details accordingly. From there booking is a breeze. Users are able to select from a wide selection of hotels and can then specify their preferred time slot or hourly period. As payments are to be made at the hotel, users do not have to worry about making payment in advance and they are guaranteed free cancellation before the stipulated check-in time

First launched in Hong Kong in 2018, the founder was inspired by their own personal journeys and the needs of the youth market in Hong Kong. Following a rousing reception in their home market that resulted in over 200,000 app downloads and 100,000 registered users, Flow branched out to Macau and Singapore along with expanding their services into co-working spaces. Now their most recent venture sees the brand expand into the Malaysian market. 

To try out hourly hotel booking through the Flow app – download the app here. For more info on Flow, visit the website:

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