Luxury Brand, Kaimirra Tutan, Celebrates The Finer Things In Life Through Bespoke Ammolite Jewellery

Kaimirra Tutan boutique is located on the second floor in…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
October 6, 2022

This summer, revolutionary high-luxury Canadian brand, Kaimirra Tutan, launched its maiden luxury jewellery collections that feature the rare and highly sought after gem, Ammolite at the brand’s flagship location at Midvalley Megamall. In line with the Kaimirra Tutan’s appreciation of the ner things in life, the brand seeks to celebrate the world’s only multi-colored, organic gemstone in timeless, one-of-a-kind designs. 

Kaimirra Tutan @ Mid Valley

This is manifested through the customisation of bespoke pieces that offer customers a sense of true ownership. Tastefully designed to embody Egyptian-inspired luxury, the store elegantly displays some of the brand’s truly extraordinary, handcrafted pieces as well as large, uncut Ammolite gems that showcase the original form of the Ammonite fossils from which they came.

The crown jewels of the brand’s eye-catching pieces are housed under Kaimirra Tutan’s coveted Couture Collection. The Couture Collection features statement pieces that have been specially crafted to highlight extremely valuable, rare gemstones – perfect for trendsetters who want to be noticed. 

Atiya 18K Gold Necklace & Cleo 18K Gold Standard Grade Necklace w Sapphire

The Fine Jewellery Collection features a line of intricately and uniquely designed high-end jewellery not commonly seen in the market – ideal for individuals to wear at work and on a night out. The Jewellery Collection contains everyday pieces that feature Ammolite gems in simpler, minimalist designs. More flexible in its use, the Jewellery Collection serves pieces that can take day-to-day outs to a higher, more elegant level. 

Sourced from mines in the Bearpaw Formation that stretches from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada, Kaimirra Tutan’s Ammolite gems are harvested by partners in ways that avoid negative environmental impact. “We’ve partnered with Korite, the largest commercial producer of ammolite in the world, to sustainably and ethically source natural ammolite gems for our pieces,” said Damien Foo, Managing Director of Kaimirra Tutan.

Horus 18K Gold Necklace & Giza 18K Gold Bangle

While customers are able to walk into the store to view pieces, the brand also oers a more exclusive experience available through their website. Customers will be able to schedule private, one-on-one appointments to try pieces and even get customised pieces designed specially for them.

For more information about Ammolite gems and Kaimirra Tutan’s extensive Ammolite jewellery collections, visit Kaimirra Tutan at their store, on Instagram, Facebook, or at