Local Brand, Dia Guild Launches 2022 Vacation Wardrobe Must-Haves

The ethical fashion platform release a holiday collection
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
June 28, 2022

Everyone needs a break this year to refuel, recharge, and get back on track. Planning what to wear can be a fun but difficult task, especially for all fashion showstoppers. Whether you’re flying to an island paradise, retreating to the countryside, or soaking up culture in the city, a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of idyllic vacation-fashion experiences are essential.

Malaysian fashion platform Dia Guild has released a versatile mini capsule collection that will meet all of your vacation wardrobe requirements. Founded in 2020, Dia encourages everyone to tell a story with their style. Since this holiday season is likely to be filled with tropical vacations and large gatherings, Dia’s new vacation must-haves are a surefire way to stand out even in everyday situations.

1. Ania Knot Earrings by Talee Studio

Ania Knot Earrings by Talee Studio

“As we persevere through this season of constant change, we find ourselves in between moments of stillness, growth, loss, gratitude, love, and strength,” TALEE Studio founder Lorraine says. This new collection embraces transition and “in-between” moments. The colours are inspired by everyday sights that change over time — a plant growing in the corner, the brightening sky, the varying light at sunrise. “Colour is a form of language and the only way to speak out what the collection means,” Lorraine says. The Ania Knot comes in a cool Mauve & Pine, or warm Pearl & Red Earth.

2. Banana & Bali Earrings by Envet

Banana & Bali Earrings by Envet

These handmade earrings are part of Envet’s Bee Collection. The collection was inspired by the brand founder’s father and the lush orchard he lovingly cares for. The combination of bee charms and banana-shaped wiring is unique, and makes this accessory a showstopper. Along with the hand-mounted enamel beads — choose from three different hues — the overall effect is eye-catching. These handcrafted pieces pay homage to nature in Envet’s signature bold style. Despite their size, each earring only weighs 15g.

The Evil Eye-inspired stud alludes to the symbol of protection and the beads were carefully sourced in Bali — the earrings aim to capture that feeling of being carefree in paradise. With their unapologetic loops of color, this statement piece dares you to be bold. Despite their size, each earring only weighs 10g. 

3. Lemon Fan by Pubumésu 

Lemon Fan by Pubumésu 

The Lemon Fan injects a bright dose of Vitamin C into your style. The intricate detail on this leather fan was fully handcrafted by traditional shadow puppet artisans in Central Java. The leather is stretched and sun dried, each hole is punched individually, and each blade is hand-painted. It takes truly expert craft to create this unique piece. 

It’s the perfect accompaniment for a summer vacation, and a distinct eye-catching accessory for special events in warm weather. The Lemon Fan is part of Pubumésu’s Market Collection, which is inspired by the lush markets found across Southeast Asia.

4. Pinstripe Milly Corset by Lemon by ACK

Pinstripe Milly Corset by Lemon by ACK

The Milly Corset is made with preloved fabric and is a versatile piece that can take you from the boardroom (wear it beneath your favourite blazer) to the bar (we like pairing it with jeans). Made with upcycled kimonos, these corsets were sewn in Malaysia at a centre run by Life2Life El Shaddai, a non-profit NGO that works with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. 

The production process begins by hand picking the fabric of choice before sewing the garment; the sewing process can take up to 8-10 days to complete. This item features a hook & eye opening along the entire front, along with 12 eyelets down the back, and 4 eyelets on each strap — this makes them fully adjustable. You can style the Milly Corset as daring or modest as you please, and you can experiment with off-shoulder, strapless, with straps, or even as a halter.

5. Hibiscus Minaudière by Neil Flipp

Hibiscus Minaudière by Neil Flipp

This exclusive series for Dia was inspired by the national flower of Malaysia, the Hibiscus, and created in collaboration with Neil Felipp. The Hibiscus is locally referred to as Bunga Raya, and also known as Gumamelas in the Philippines. From the handmade golden bees to the intricately hand-painted flowers, this evening clutch was handcrafted by skilled artisans in Cebu. 

Hibiscus was chosen as Malaysia’s national flower by the country’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, as the many varieties of the Hibiscus family reflect the multi-cultural background of Malaysians. This collection launched at London Craft Week and these Hibiscus Minaudières are currently the only ones of their kind in existence.

Navigate around and shop their new collection at Dia Guild’s official website here

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