Little Salty Café Review: Romantic Hilltop Spot Perfect For Date Night

Think wanting quiet, romantic, private with amazing food and drinks
By: Nina Shahriman
July 29, 2022

Date nights are always great as you get to spend time with your significant other but the dreadful question of “Where are we eating at?” always stresses us out. Think wanting quiet, romantic, private with amazing food and drinks. And even if you’re out with friends or café hopping and want a place that has great ambience and even better, a good view. Well, Glitz can’t think of any other place other than Little Salty Café, based on a hilltop in Ampang with a view that’ll take your breath away.

What To Expect At Little Salty Café

Adventuresome people frequently travel to Ampang for its many hiking paths because they provide breathtaking vistas. However, if you would rather have a meal while admiring views of the city and the surrounding area, seek out Little Salty Café, a little cafe nestled away on Ampang Hill. The café draws customers eager to chow down on delicious sweets and savoury platters while enjoying a panoramic view of the city and nature to its outdoor eating area, which overlooks KL’s skyline and a scattering of trees below.

Due to its position at Ampang Hill, which provides diners with a panoramic view of KL, Little Salty Café has earned praise as a romantic destination for couples wishing to eat out at a casual yet picturesque cafe. This café has both an indoor and outdoor dining space, so we suggest going outside to the alfresco section. Fairy lights strung from balcony railings and the dazzling skyscrapers that make up KL’s skyline will give a cosy touch to your dining experience after the skies have become dark.

To meet Malaysia’s tropical weather, its outdoor eating area has retractable roofs as well as a permanent covered dining space. So whether it’s sunny or rainy, you may choose to have lunch or dinner al fresco on the hilltops. Diners must pass a Bukit Permai Ampang real estate showroom on their way to Little Salty Café. Once inside, you’ll see a sizable indoor eating space with tables and comfortable armchairs where you may park yourself and eat the cafe’s dessert waffles, pastas, and other items.

What You Should Order

There are, of course, other amenities at Little Salty Café in addition to stunning vistas. There is a little assortment of food they do provide, from spaghetti to cakes and pastries. Try their waffles, especially the Dark Heaven Waffle, which is their speciality and will satisfy your sweet craving. You may finish it off with a cup of freshly prepared coffee. To go with cups of coffee, tea, smoothies, or mocktails, choose from substantial sandwiches, Japanese rice bowls, salads, pastas, steaks, and their famous fluffy waffles.

The Seafood Marinara, which costs RM28 and has mussels, prawns, and calamari on a bed of spaghetti noodles, is our recommendation. The tomato and herb flavours in the marinara sauce are strong, and the addition of a few red chilli pepper flakes gives it a mild bite. Other pasta options include Clam and Mushroom Aglio Olio, which has light garlic and chilli pasta and substantial portions of clams, as well as Creamy Lemon Smoked Salmon, which is salmon pan-fried in garlic oil and served over creamy pasta.

After that, indulge in their dessert dishes to satisfy your sweet craving. There will be four waffles available with various toppings, from dark chocolate to houjicha. Customers love the Mr. Earl Grey, which has rich Earl Grey ice cream, fresh blueberries, strawberries, and bananas on top of a fluffy waffle drizzling with chocolate syrup.

Have them together with their assortment of beverages, which includes soda-based mojitos, warm cups of coffee and tea, flavoured lattes, and smoothies mixed with ice. A visual feast not to be missed is Sea Salt Rose Petal. For a romantic touch, the rose-infused foamy latte is placed in a wine glass and garnished with rose petals.

Customer Reviews Of Little Salty Café

Taste superb! Salted egg chicken chop is a must try! Definitely a 10/10. Asam laksa salmon spaghetti is both special and delicious! Our selected dessert is the Dark heaven waffle, which has dark chocolate and is not too sweet in taste.

Ang Xin | Google Review

Nice and peace place, can reduce anxiety, suitable for couple and some celebration. Better booking early if want sitting outside, food was nice, must try the waffles

Neskson Tan Chong Hao | Google Review

The team deserved the 5 stars service. They are helpful & efficient. I suggest you to make a reservation on the day earlier before you go, walk in might not have table for you. (reservation can be made through a website, get it from their facebook page) The waffle was delicious! Must try the dessert! Spaghetti & baked cheese rice were good too. Plenty of parking and it’s FOC. I suggest you to bring your own mosquito repellent if you’re planning to sit outdoor.

Jazz K | Google Reviews

Know More About Little Salty Café

Address: Lot 9270 Bukit Ampang Permai, Bukit Ampang, Off, Jalan Hulu Langat, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

Operating hours: Every day (4pm – 10pm)

Contact: Kewdoo | BeepIt | Food Panda