Kubis & Kale Review: Delicious Food And Drinks That Won’t Hurt Your Diet

Eating healthy has never been this deliciously fresh
By: Nina Shahriman
February 16, 2022

When it comes to eating healthy nutritious food, many often think of simple salads and everything wholewheat. However, it’s 2022 and we’ve moved past that stereotype with many introducing to the public how delicious and easy it is to eat a low-calorie balanced diet. One of these pioneers is this shop nestled in the busy heart of Bandar Sunway. Hence, Glitz is introducing Kubis & Kale- where they craft healthy food and drinks without you needing to cut out deliciousness from your meals.

About Kubis & Kale

Chef Aaron Lim, a pioneer in Malaysia’s poke bowl industry, established Kubis & Kale, which is located in the industrial neighbourhood of Bandar Sunway. Staying healthy nowadays is more difficult than ever, as our rushed lifestyle makes it difficult to eat healthily or on time. However, everyone can enjoy fuss-free healthy dining with a poke bowl! With its nutritious ‘Poke, Cooked Food, and Vegan’ in a bowl, Kubis & Kale is elevating the ‘bowl’ to new heights.

Kubis & Kale is a place to go for simple, seasonal, and healthful meals. Cooking from scratch with whole seasonal foods, establishing and working with a network of farmers, suppliers, and communities who support and champion genuine food is central to their philosophy.

What To Expect From Kubis & Kale

Their menu is simple, including poke bowls (raw and cooked), prepared entrees, and a vegetarian/vegan superfood menu. Edamame, almond, maize, carrot, pumpkin, seaweed, cherry tomatoes, and a variety of other fresh items may be used to create your own poke bowl.

But it was Kubis & Kale’s unique marinade, which was made naturally from fruits and vegetables, that set them apart from the competition. Even their sauce is cooked from scratch and includes vegan options like:

  • Madly sriracha sauce
  • Sriracha aioli sauce
  • OG aioli sauce
  • Green apple hot sauce
  • Smashed basil sauce
  • Ginger sauce
  • Mango mustard sauce
  • Ghost sauce
  • Chimichurri sauce

Additionally, Kubis & Kale employ carbon vegetables supplied by Agriculture and Urban Regenerative Carbon Farming Experts – Carbon Vegetation Pioneers from farm to table. Carbon Veggie supports clean, safe, high-nutrient green veggies grown using a carbon regenerative farming approach that is free from chemicals and pesticides, minimises heavy metals, absorbs carbon into the soil, is odourless, and precise.

Address: Ground Floor, Lot 2 & 4, Jalan PJS 11/5, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: Every day (11am – 9pm)

Contact: +60169345994

What’s On The Menu- Here’s What We Like

Vegan Plant-Based

You’ll adore this vegan plant-based supper if you care about your health as well as the environment. Kale, leek, pumpkin, mushroom, edamame, almond, super seed, falafel, and green apple sauce or basil sauce top this vegan poke bowl.

Get Up & Go Energising Meal

This is a good option for a fast pick-me-up lunch that will nourish you and give you the energy and edge you need to tackle your day’s duties. Brown rice pilaf, broccoli, Pico de Gallo, king oyster mushroom, luscious herb baked dory, and fish roe, furikake, and chimichurri or lemon squeeze sauce are all included in this delicious dish.

Keeping Fit & Fabulous

This poke bowl is filled with healthy fat, protein, and wholegrain carbs to help sustain and retain lean muscle if you’re a fitness enthusiast (like us!). Brown rice, kale, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, carrots, flaxseed, sesame seed, and avocado are combined in a healthy dish with mango habanero salmon and a splash of lime-cilantro jalapeño sauce.