KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang Review: Hidden Oasis For Urbanites

Perfect spot for creative nomads
By: Balqis Ariffin
January 14, 2022

As the restrictions have been eased for a couple of months now, people have been flocking over to various local tourist attractions all around Malaysia. The uncountable days of being stuck at home while juggling workload and dealing with mental health really do make people want to vent out their stress. So, it’s definitely not a surprise that the majority of the hotels are fully booked, especially for those who seek mini staycation in KL. If you have been secretly searching for the best hotels for some getaway, you will surely love KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang. With its impeccable service and comfortable ambience, it is the go-to spot for urbanites. If you’re feeling tempted to book a visit now, take a look at this KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang review that we have gathered just for you. From the list of rooms available, facilities to the price, we’ve got you covered. 

KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang

KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang is operated by Kindness of Strangers, a hospitality company that is behind some of KL’s hottest spots like LOKL Coffee and BackHome. In fact, the hotel is actually a brainchild of producer Ng Ping Ho and his wife, Cheryl Samad, a television host. The name was inspired by Kuala Lumpur and the Greek name, Chloe which means fresh bloom, tender and young shoot. As the meaning signifies, KLoé Hotel is relatively new to the scene yet they’ll bring their own uniqueness to the table. At KLoé Hotel, they aim to provide a safe haven for their patrons by creating spaces that are filled with art, music, food, reading and gardening. Every inch of the hotel is creatively designed and decorated with artworks from local artists, showcasing their values in celebrating the KL’s creative community. With a 4.7 star rating on Google and tons of positive reviews, KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang has been at the forefront of the hotel industry in Malaysia. 

KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang Review

KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang Rooms

KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang features 80 rooms and five artist lofts which are conveniently linked with a central courtyard and open walkways. Visitors can opt for standard rooms (city room) or deluxe rooms (courtyard room), depending on their choice of views. All of the rooms are meticulously designed with custom made furniture, authentic oak floorboards, ceramics and decorations by local designers. Equipped with toiletries products from Aēsop, KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang ensures that their patrons will experience a luxurious treatment during their stay. The estimated price for one night at the city room is RM509 and RM583 for a courtyard room. However, make sure to keep a lookout for their promotion and deal which they often provide on their official website. 

KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang Artist Lofts 

If you are truly in for an ultimate staycation experience at KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang, we recommend you book the artist lofts. Each of the lofts is inspired with a theme of art, books, music, food and gardens, allowing you to select your desired creative pursuit. Among the list of available lofts is Room to Draw, Room to Taste, Room to Grow, Room to Listen and Room to Read. What’s more, every room is curated with a personal touch from individuals and organizations that are renowned in each of these areas. The starting price per night for these rooms are RM742.

Room to Draw 

Joee Cheong, a local artist has contributed her expertise to built this room which exudes a cosy art studio. Guests can spend their time creating art pieces using the array of brushes, canvas, sketchbooks, acrylic paint and watercolor that are provided by the hotel. If you ever experience a creative block or need to channel your inner Picasso, the Room to Draw should be on top of your list.

Room to Taste

As the name suggests, the Room to Taste is catered especially for foodies. It is complete with a personal pantry and plentiful local produce that guests can enjoy at the communal dining table. Sarah Benjamin, a celebrity chef has added her personal touch to ensure that it appeals to every gourmands out there. Although guests are not allowed to cook at this room, it is equipped with essential ingredients and utensils for them to create their own snacks and beverages.

Room to Grow

Nothing can truly beat the feeling of being surrounded by lush greenery and botanical plants. If you share the same sentiment like us, you will definitely be head over heels with the Room to Grow at KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang. Curated by Ohsum Mossum, the room features a myriad of plants, terrariums and even rattan furniture. Since it has concrete floors, you can easily water the plant without any trouble. 

Room to Listen 

Take a day off and spend your time listening to a wide range of vinyl records selected by DJ Rudy La Faber. The Room to Listen is designed with inspirations from the mid century modern aesthetic and it includes a built in sound system. Guests can also take a nap at the lounge chair while vibing to the songs that are selected especially for music lovers.

Room to Read

If you have always wanted to own a personal library, the Room to Read at KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang might just be what you are looking for. Curated by Tintabudi, this room took its inspiration from independent bookstores. It is also equipped with a reading chair and books that are selected for those who are into literature, culture, art, and poetry. 

These artist lofts are often fully booked, so we highly recommend that you make a reservation early if you can and you might even get a promotion since they often offers exclusive deals. 

Facilities at KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang

Guests can also take a walk around the KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang and enjoy a few facilities that the hotel provides for its patrons. The living room allows the guests to mingle with their loved ones while chatting over a cup of coffee and lip smacking bread from Lucky Coffee Bar, which is the sister café of LOKL Coffee Co. At the heart of the hotel is the courtyard pool, an urban oasis that guests can enjoy whenever they need to take a dip at the pool or simply curl up reading a book. At KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang, you can book a wellness session at the B.est Mind & Body which costs around RM50 per class. This fitness studio opens daily from 7 am and 9 pm, but guests are required to book in advance. 

Selection of Food and Beverages at KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang 

This boutique hotel has two spots namely Lucky Coffee Bar and Monroe  for guests to indulge in a plethora of cuisines. If you ever need your daily dose of coffee, make sure to head down to Lucky Coffee Bar which is located at the Living Room. They serve freshly brewed coffees, pastries, nitro drinks and artisanal sandwiches. Inspired by diners in NYC and LA, Monroe is a perfect restaurant for large gatherings with family and friends. With an extensive menu of comfort food and beverages, relish your taste buds with their amazing dishes. 

KLoé Hotel Bukit Bintang Location and Details

Address 227 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours Always open
Contact details +60327721313

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