Keto Diet 101: What You Need To Know About The Most Googled Wellness Plan

‘’The most Googled wellness plan’’
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
October 14, 2021

The word Keto Diet has reigned as the most popular healthy meal plan in the whole wide world. Every single person that we know has at least heard about this diet once in their lifetime. Not only that, this so-called most-Googled diet has been actively advocated by professional health gurus to our A-list celebrities including Helle Berry, Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. They have openly enlisted themselves as a true follower for this eating regimen. But what exactly is the Keto Diet? Who is Keto, anyway

And the more we, at Beauty Insider, try to find out what Keto Diet plan is all about, the more we are greeted by mixed reviews regarding the wellness plan. While some swear by this healthy meal plan, by hook or by crook, others throw the disclosure out of the window. Check this out, one of the keto diet triers described that she has experienced on what they sketch as #KetoFluProblems—where the dietary plan didn’t even help her lose weight, in fact it makes her prone to sickness. Another trier even backed up in the comment saying that keto messes with her period’s cycle. And The Biggest Loser’s trainer—also known to be the most respected health coach—Jillian Michaels said, ‘’You should avoid the keto diet at all cost. Everyone should have a healthy, balanced diet.’’ Oh, wow.. So what does this exactly tell us? 

Don’t panic! I know internet reviews can make us go woozy especially if you’re still new in a certain community. Even with the never-ending positive and negative reviews though, we managed to find a good amount of context when it comes to the keto diet—so, if you’re one of those people who are considering starting a wellness plan and a more balanced lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Read further to find out more, including how many scoops of butter and cream you should be eating. 

What Exactly Is Keto Diet? 

Keto—is a short form of the word ketogenic—is a dietary meal plan that is all about focusing on lessening your crabs intake, but maximize your fats percentage to get your body to use those fats as a force of energy, instead. So, you’re telling me that fats can also help to elevate the state of your health and can be used as primarily energy? Correct you are. Because most wellness enthusiasts believe that when a body reaches a certain state, your fats will also turn into ketones in your organs, which will immediately transfer sources to your brain power. In short, those ‘’fat intake’’ that you been practicing during your keto plan will slowly be brought up to your brain—making you feel more focused, energetic, and motivated. According to Heathline, the right keto diet plan should have about up to 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% carbs per day. Though, the lesser the better. Foods like eggs, low carb veggies, meats and dairy products should be considered as priority when it comes to this keto diet plan. However, similar to any other dietary plan, you should strive away from processed items and unhealthy-fats. 

What Foods Are Allowed For Keto Diet? 

As mentioned, foods like eggs, low carb veggies, meats and dairy products should be considered as priority when it comes to this keto diet plan. So, make sure you stock up all the beef, chicken, leafy green vegetables, and avocado inside of your fridge. But don’t be scared though, I know you all might think ‘’How is this possible? I need to consume more food that contain carbs in order to make me full.’’ Umm, bear in mind that just because you didn’t eat carbs, doesn’t mean you’re not going to feel satisfied. Trust us, you will! Other than that, snacks are totally green light for a keto diet plan. Yes, can you hear us screaming? In fact, there are a lot—a lot—of fit bars that are designed specifically for keto diet practitioners, so the next time you go grocery shopping, make sure to grab a lot of those healthy bars. Most of those healthy snack bats were made out of 200 calories, 16 grams of fat and four grams of net carbs. If you’re leaning more towards plant based foods, you can aim for cashew nuts, almond, sunflower seeds and chia seeds to munch around while you watch your favourite tv shows. 

Grocery Checkpoint

Here’s a full list of foods that are allowed during the keto diet period: 

  • Grass-fed meat 
  • Chicken 
  • Fatty fish 
  • Yogurts
  • All kinds of full fat cheese
  • All nuts and seeds
  • Fruits that are enriched with vitamins 
  • Non-starchy vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, and mushrooms)
  • Coconut oil

Benefits Of Keto Diet

Similar to other dietary plans, the keto diet comes with many advantages. There’s a reason why this wellness plan is the most googled dietary plan in the world. The benefits include: 

1. Weight Loss

Even though the keto diet is primarily created to focus on the establishment of fats production, they actually help to burn other excessive fats even faster than carbs. Surprise! So it is not a surprise that most dietary plans indeed suggest cutting off carbs. It works well. 

2. Reduced Appetite 

I know some of you literally cannot live without carbs, but they’re actually the devilish act behind you constantly feeling hungry. So again, cutting off carbs intake and focusing more on fat-based products can help reduce the feeling of hunger. Eventually, you’ll stop munching and gain weight-loss. According to research, ‘’the high fat, moderate protein nature of the diet ensures that you’re more satiated by the food you’re eating and aren’t filling up on empty carbohydrates that do nothing for your hunger.’’ Ditto

3. Balance Out The Sugar Level 

By preventing the level of glucose from entering your body, somehow your insulin and blood sugar level will start to improve. So, thanks to the keto diet, they’ll help in preventing you getting diabetes. To back up our statement, there’s indeed research that shows that a stage 2 diabetic patient managed to rebalance his blood sugar level after a few weeks of practicing keto. 

The Side Effects Of Keto Diet

Alright now, let us explain further about the negative reviews we’ve gotten regarding the keto plan diet. According to experts, after a few solid days of you entering the keto diet plan, you’ll start to notice a few rapid changes on your body. The effect is called ‘’Ketosis’’. This happens when your body realises they didn’t receive enough carbs. At this point, your body starts to feel burnt, due to their working overtime to use those fat as your energy as opposed to the usual carbs production. In results, that’s how some people managed to get sick, stomachache, flu and the worst part is you’re experiencing bad breath. One practitioner described it as ‘’breathe that smells like nail polish remover.’’ 

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