Kate Spade New York’s Spring 2023 Campaign Celebrates the Resilient Spirit of Seven Malaysian Women

“It All Started With” a bit of sun, greenery, the…
By: Farah Khan
April 5, 2023

Kate Spade New York has recently released their much-anticipated Spring 2023 Campaign, “It All Began With,” which showcases seven remarkable Malaysian women. This inspirational commercial shows the women’s different backgrounds, ages, and accomplishments, serving as great role models for women globally.

The campaign honours the distinctiveness, honesty, and perseverance of these seven women, each of whom has a unique story to tell. Sweet Qismina is a versatile actress with an alluring charm. Dhabitah Sabri is a Malaysian diver with an unrelenting sense of determination and tenacity. Sharifah Rose is a multi-talented all-rounder with various hats to wear. Sharina Shahrin is a visionary artist that infuses her work with originality and inspiration. Sonya Danita Charles is a boundary-pushing model who challenges preconceptions and convention. Vivian Foo is a pioneering pilot who promotes female empowerment. And Bay Doucet is an inquisitive model with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

These seven women capture the essence of Kate Spade New York via their individual tales and journeys. This campaign encourages women to be true to themselves and to never give up on their aspirations by celebrating originality and embracing the unexpected.

It’s great to see a business like Kate Spade New York promoting these remarkable women’s accomplishments and stories. This campaign conveys a strong message to women all across the world that no matter their background or the hurdles they experience, they, too, can overcome them and achieve their goals.

The inclusion of these women in the campaign gives Malaysian women representation and visibility, underlining the essential contributions they make to society. This provides a wonderful message to Malaysian young girls and women that they, too, can achieve greatness and be acknowledged for their achievements.

Kate Spade New York’s “It All Began With” advertisement celebrates femininity, tenacity, and individualism. It serves as a reminder to women everywhere that their own tales and journeys are worth celebrating, and that they should always be prepared for the unexpected. These seven Malaysian women’s inspiring stories will definitely resonate with women all across the world, inspiring them to be true to themselves and pursue their aspirations with passion and persistence.

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