JIS Malaysia Is Back And They Are Now Offering Cocktails Based On Your Mood!

The social lounge is now open
By: agnes
April 22, 2022

With the announcement of a fresh and unique drinking experience for patrons, JIS Malaysia, a member of the international social lounge brand, is celebrating going back into full swing. JIS Malaysia is taking things to the next level as the focal point of Kuala Lumpur’s social rebirth as Malaysia enters the endemic phase. After a long time of forced seclusion due to the pandemic, JIS serves as the ideal interaction point for those wishing to re-engage and form meaningful relationships.

Social Life Is Back Again!

“We are excited to be welcoming patrons back at full capacity with new and exciting experiences on offer. The pandemic took a toll in more ways than one, with the quarantine seriously impacting mental health amplifying stress and the sense of isolation. The nation and people are in recovery and to us, an important part of that is mental and social recovery. At JIS, we want to help by bringing people back together again, to create genuine human connections in a safe and conducive environment,” said Cornelius Lu, Global Business Director at JIS Malaysia.

With an open concept that guarantees all tables are accessible at eye level, JIS is designed to foster socialising. Patrons can use the in-house smart system to match and connect with others in the lounge via smart tablets situated at each table, while staff assures each person’s comfort and safety.

“People, whether it be a friend, spouse, or family member, are what make life more colourful. That is what JIS embodies through our name – Jinseini Irodoriwo Soeru, Japanese for ‘Adding Colours to Life’,” Cornelius continued.

Unique Cocktails To Match Your Mood

JIS created Malaysia’s first Experiential Drinking service to provide even more colour and fun. Custom formulations that match consumers’ feelings and moods are emphasised throughout the event. Patrons can simply describe their current mood or feeling and receive a fully original drink to match, which is overseen by an award-winning mixologist with more than a decade of experience.

“As we try to bring people out of their social slumps, we know people need to better recognise the varied emotions that they could be feeling. Our Experiential Drinking service looks to encourage people to share and deal with their emotions by making it a fun and open topic. With over 21 different selections to choose from, whether you are feeling happy, cranky, romantic, lonely, stressed or sentimental, we will have a drink that is expertly tailored to your mood,” Cornelius added.

About JIS Malaysia

What began as a series of dinner parties in Sapporo, Japan, became such a hit that it evolved into a social lounge for people to meet and connect. The brand now has ten locations worldwide, with the Kuala Lumpur location serving as its first in Southeast Asia.

JIS Malaysia, which is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just steps away from the Twin Towers, has already received international acclaim, winning awards such as the Golden Award in Novum Design Paris 2020 and Italy’s prestigious A’ Design Silver Award in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category, 2020 – 2021.

Over 300 food and drink products are available at JIS Malaysia, all created by expert chefs and mixologists from across the hospitality industry. Ladies are treated to a completely free event that includes beverages and food. Male customers, on the other hand, are charged based on the amount of time they spend there, as well as the food and drink they order.

For more information on JIS Malaysia and details on the Experiential Drinking service, visit https://jisbar.com.my.

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