International Women’s Day Appreciation From Us!

In celebration of the upcoming International Women’s Day this year,…
By: Cherelle Lim
March 18, 2022

In celebration of the upcoming International Women’s Day this year, we at Beauty Insider would like to show our support to the cause. Through our platform, we have constantly tried to support and bring awareness to causes and local businesses. Highlighting those that inspire us, empower us and are striving to make a difference. As a beauty and lifestyle platform, we tend to focus more on women. Throughout the years, we’ve featured plenty of remarkable women. All of whom are also successful entrepreneurs with equally successful businesses. Ranging from skincare brands to makeup brands and even fashion brands. Women dominate this sector of business. 

But, you know who doesn’t get much credit around here? The women behind our team at Beauty Insider of course! As a beauty and lifestyle platform, the majority of our team comprises truly amazing women. These are the women who work hard to bring numerous content to you daily. The women behind our social media and interactive posts and the women who pitch to brands and customers. Meet our amazing team of ladies right here in Malaysia who work tirelessly to continuously boost both our beauty and lifestyle platform to the top.

In our society, women and men have long been differentiated and discriminated against by different roles. Who’s idea was it that only men could work and women had to stay home all day? Women are also seen as weaker than men due to our emotions and compassion. Social norms force us, as women, to accept this ridiculous barrier. But as the years go on, we continue to fight for our rights and place in the world.

In a world where women are shamed for almost anything we do. Although you may have heard of pretty privilege, it offers both benefits and complications for women. Women are constantly being underestimated. Especially in the workforce. Only a hundred years ago, women were not even allowed to work. Today, our position within the workplace are constantly being questioned. How did she get the top position? She’s the boss? Why isn’t she getting us coffee? 

Society has long dictated the role of women. Yet, we still #breakthebias by proving that whatever a man can do, we can definitely do it better. No matter what industry we land in, we are constantly being judged, bullied and looked down upon. Even female celebrities face the same discrimination. When a male artist sings about their past relationship, everyone is only talking about how it’s a banger. When a female artist puts out a song about their past relationship however, they are called clingy, emotional and jealous. Women in sport earn significantly less compared to their male counterparts. Even if they do end up scoring the same goals and winning more games, we are still paid less. 

So, let’s celebrate all the women in your life who’ve always been supporting you! Give them thanks, and don’t ever think that they don’t have what it takes to do anything they want!