An Eyewear Pro’s Insider Tips On Picking The Perfect Eyewear For Your Next Travel Adventure

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By: agnes
May 30, 2022

As international borders reopen, now is the ideal moment to enhance your Instagram game with fantastic trip content that will make you the most enviable person on the internet. Getting that perfect vacation “money shot,” on the other hand, necessitates putting up the time to put together a chic look, which includes selecting the correct eyewear for a full outfit. What’s the end result? You’ll be able to express cool styles in your photos while protecting your eyes from the elements in a variety of weather conditions. Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear producer, shares insider insights on how to choose different types of travel eyewear.

Pro-Travel Eyewear Tip

1. Classic and comfortable eyewear for that Long Flight

If you are heading to the airport for the very first time after two years of lockdown, you will want to look effortless and comfortable. If eyeglasses are part of your everyday wear, it is essential that you find a pair of classic eyeglasses that stays on your face and does slip off your lap when you take a short or long nap during your flight. You’ll need to find one that is versatile enough for you to match every trip and allow you to see colours clearly to appreciate the destination, in all its glory.

2. Pick eyewear that gives you UV Protection when you head to the tropics

Picking eyewear with UV protection is crucial in preventing your retina lens from getting damaged due to too much sunlight exposure, especially when you are heading to a tropical island paradise. When you are searching for good eyewear, make sure you select eyewear that states 100% UV protection. If the sunglasses do not state that they are 100% UV protected, these lenses are usually just tinted which means that your eyes are still not protected from UV rays, and may experience discomfort.

3. Opt for Polarized Lenses for Snowy Adventures

If you are heading to the Swiss Alps or a snowy travel destination this year, you can opt for polarized lenses as they tend to help combat the snowy glare and bring comfort to the eyes. These polarized eyewears are also usually lightweight and help shield your eyes from the winter sun, perfect for when you participate in more extreme sports like skiing. Snow aside, extreme sports athletes do prefer polarized frames because, in addition to looking cool, these eyewears can remove glare, just what you need if you are surfing at the beach.

4. Chic and Stylish frames inspired by Hailey Bieber for any City Trips

If you prefer the buzzing lights and sounds of cities and are more of a sophisticated traveller at heart, you may opt to pack more stylish, street, and trendy wear in your luggage before you jet off. If you are looking for street style inspiration, seek inspiration from the ultimate Hollywood IT girl, Hailey Bieber. A trick to achieving Hailey Bieber’s effortlessly chic style is to find similar shades to top off a look. Hailey usually switches between two to three (2-3) eyewear at all times to match her numerous styles. If you are secretly a fan of Hailey Bieber or a Belieber fan, you can even get your hands on her line of eyewear that she has personally partnered with Vogue eyewear, Luxottica’s in-house brand to introduce a series of super chic and stylish frames that are bound to up your #OOTD game as you take on the streets of your bucket-list city travel destination.

So start planning your eyewear for your next destination and find your perfect eyewear pick. To find out more about the different brands under Luxottica, click here.

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