The Best Sellers Return! InnerSejuk Brings Back Their Modest Activewear Now New + Improved

Inners you can rely on!
By: Farah Khan
September 5, 2022

Modest wear is easy to find in the largely Muslim populated Malaysia but if you’re an athlete you know how hard it is to find good quality modest wear that won’t rip after a week of intense sports. Wether you enjoy the occasional track and field, or go to weekly netball games you know what I’m talking about. One fall on the frictious ground and you’ll see a tear on your sleeve.

For our inners (anak tudung) on the other hand…ugh where do I even begin. Having to readjust it every few minutes, securing it with a pin or two, and if you don’t need to, you’ll be suffering through the heat. As someone who has been doing sports since high school, I had one question when I discovered Innersejuk; Where have you been all my life?

The Return of Innersejuk

Innersejuk has announced the return of their revolutionary and vastly popular inners (anak tudung). Made with the much loved and unique proprietory DriChill® material, the new collection consists of 12 new and improved designs. The new and improved collection keeps every Muslim woman cool, comfortable and clean all throughout their active lifestyle. Now, we have a splendid choice of 19 gorgeous colours for each design!

Good fitting, cooling, and comfortable, these Inners are exactly what every modest women seeks.
The Inners (anak tudung) were created in Malaysia with an emphasis on innovation and technology. They are made with considerable research and development to allow the modern woman to express herself. Innersejuk Inners create freedom in activewear without the confines of ill-fitting or uncomfortable hijab innerwear.

“Innersejuk is not just a fashion line, we are a game changer and the future of modest sportswear, particularly our inners and sports hijabs and more. Beyond our products, this is also a testament to our commitment to fashion tech and how it can be deployed in modern modest fashion. We’ve established ourselves in Malaysia as a leader in the modest sportswear space and are now setting our sights on the rest of the world.” Ezly Marzuki, Chief Executive Officer of Innersejuk states.

Allure, Magic, Illusion, and Elegance; are four out of the twelve new Inners have been released and are available for purchase at Innersejuk for RM59.00. Their Inner Handsox are also now available to provide you with comfort in any occasion, priced at RM39.00.