Icon Brewings Introduces The Ang Pao Strudel Series

Fruit strudels with a CNY twist
By: agnes
January 28, 2022

The Chinese New Year season is approaching, and while Malaysians from all walks of life will be gathering to celebrate, foodies, in particular, will be looking forward to yet another joyful celebration thanks to the wide range of delectable foods available. Icon Brewings, a local cafe in Cheras, has seized the chance to present the Ang Pao Strudel series, a new mouth-watering treat for this festive season.

Ang Pao Strudel Series

Icon Brewings is already well-known for its flaky and crumbly strudels, which have piqued guests’ interest and appetites for months, with their Classic Fruit Strudels earning excellent reviews.

Now, Icon Brewings is adding a customary feel-good CNY mood to its original fruit strudels to liven up its products. A wealthy crimson flaky pastry prepared naturally by infusing beetroot is shown in the limited-time series. Sandwiched between layers of creamy sweet custard, the pastry crusts are topped with juicy fresh fruits and a dusting of icing sugar.

Mango, Kiwi, Strawberry, Peach, and Blueberry flavours are available in the Ang Pao Strudel collection. It may be purchased individually for RM 18 or in a pack of five for RM80.

Commenting on their trademark strudels, the Founder of Icon Brewings, Nicolas Lim said, “Icon Brewings is always looking to excite our customers and dessert lovers with high-quality treats. We have already done so for months now with our Classic Fruit Sturdles and now we are pleased to share even more adventurous takes. As such, we are happy to deliver the new Ang Pao Strudels Series this festive season. The red-packet strudel is symbolic of the prosperity and celebration of the occasion, this is a special year for all those who are celebrating, and we wanted to commemorate it in our very own way.”

Our Say:

As a Klang-aite myself, strudels are something I’m very familiar with. This is because Klang is the home to the famous Fruity apple strudel! Therefore, when I heard of the fruit strudels from Icon Brewings, I was extremely excited to try them. Instead of the classic apple pairing, Icon Brewings took it to another level, featuring other types of fruit. I got the opportunity to try peach, blueberry, kiwi, and mango strudels; and I thoroughly enjoyed each one! The pastry itself was super flaky, buttery and light. But the best part was knowing the colour came naturally from beetroot without leaving any earthy flavour.

Furthermore, the custard and fresh cream were sweet but not too overpowering. And the slight hint of tang from the fruits definitely brought the strudel altogether. My favourite has got to be the mango strudel as I love how the Austrian dessert gets paired with a local delight. But most of all, I really love the Chinese New Year vibe that the strudels give off. Despite it being a slightly messy dessert to have, it’s definitely worth surprising your family with this Chinese New Year! If you’d like to know what else you can get for your family for house visits this coming CNY, click here.

Tea Strudel Series

To appeal to Malaysia’s burgeoning tea-lover population, Icon Brewings recently released a Tea Strudel series. The Tea Strudel series layers the traditional Icon Brewings strudel with a thick and delectable helping of tea-inspired flavours and accompaniments. These flavours include lychee rose strudel, earl grey strudel, and houjicha strudel. Furthermore, you’ll find matcha strudel, and even a Thai-Milk tea strudel, which are all popular in Malaysia. The cost of this tea-riffic treat is RM22 per strudel or RM100 for a box of five strudels.

Our Say:

I don’t think words can describe how beautiful this series is! From the colours and piping of the cream to the gorgeously scattered toppings; it does make a lovely addition to your Instagram feed. I got the chance to try the earl grey strudel, which I was extremely delighted about because I love earl grey! The pastry itself was a classic strudel pastry; crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. But the chantilly cream was the one infused with the earl grey and the flavour was thick. The earl grey taste was evident from the first bite and even ended on that familiar hint of bitterness. However, the Lotus Biscoff and longan topping did exude the perfect amount of sweetness that helps to balance it out. But I mean, if you love earl grey then the slight bitterness is what you’ll want. And we definitely got it from this strudel so we highly recommend it!

Icon Brewing Rise To Fame

Icon Brewings is swiftly becoming a familiar brand among pastry connoisseurs around the Klang Valley. People enjoy their buttery and light strudels, which give a delicious crunch that is characteristic of all the best strudels. This delectable eating experience is made possible by freshly created double-baked pastry with a crusty, flaky crunch. Mango, Kiwi, Strawberry, Peach, and Blueberry are among the tropical and berry fruits featured in the popular original flavour strudels.

Icon Brewings, located in Cheras, began as an interior design showroom. You could find contemporary designs and use them as a meeting place for industry artists and designers. However, Nicolas Lim decided in 2017 to gently develop his room into a café and bistro. Focusing on the hot beverages and sweet pastries that he had long enjoyed. The location now serves a unique blend of premium coffee. In addition, they also serve western and Asian cuisine, as well as a range of cakes and pastries. Icon Brewings is also Muslim-friendly, as pork and alcohol are not served.

“Aside from my passion for interior design, I am a coffee lover as well. So naturally, when I saw an appetite for our food, I leapt at the chance to further expand my foray into food. We had been exploring a variety of food options and last March we baked our first batch of strudels. It was an instant hit with customers who loved the presentation, eating experience and most importantly the delicious taste. The rest as they say is history,” said Nicolas.

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