How To Choose Sports Bra That Fit Your Body

How to choose a sports bra that fits you
By: Cherelle Lim
January 21, 2022

Ladies, do you know what your bra size is? Like, have you actually calculated your bra size and not just gone with whatever felt right? We think that most of us probably go with the latter. It is way easier to try on different bra sizes, and go with whatever felt the most comfortable. In most cases, you could have picked your exact bra size. In other instances, we usually end up wearing a cup too big, or a cup too small. Which, can lead to uncomfortableness and even make our bodies look bad. When it comes to getting a sports bra, it is the same. For a sports bra, you need to make sure that you get the right size, or it will not help at all. So, here is a short guide on how to choose a sports bra that fit your body.

Choosing A Sports Bra That Fits

1. Align Your Activity With Impact

Depending on the activity that you intend to do, it can help you decide what type of sports bras you should be looking for. So, matching the impact of an activity to the type of sports bra is helpful. For example, running and jumping are high-impact exercises that involve big and bouncing movements.  Without wearing sports bras, your breasts can actually bounce up to 15cm in any direction. So, for high impact exercises, you’ll need a high-support sports bra. Which is designed to support the breasts while limiting pain and movement. For lighter-impact exercises, pick a medium-support sports bra and if you are doing low-impact exercises like yoga, opt for a light support sports bra. A tip for larger breasts, however, is to use medium or high-support sports bras even if you’re doing low-impact exercises. It offers extra support during exercise. 

2. Compression vs. Encapsulation

Compression VS Encapsulation are terms used to describe 2 different types of sports bras. Both of which are suitable for different activities and cup sizes. 

Compression sports bras compress the breasts. They are usually pullover sports bras made using a tight fabric that is intended to fit snugly. Compression fabrics tend to hold the breasts down together in order to limit movements during exercise. They are more suitable for those with smaller cup sizes (A to C) and offer light to medium support. Thus, they are perfect for low-impact exercises. 

Encapsulation sports bras, on the other hand, fit like a standard bra. For each breast, they have a moulded cup to help keep them secure and separated. This type of sports bra limits movement from all directions. Meaning it offers a higher level of support for high-impact exercises. They are usually recommended for women with larger cup sizes (D+). 

3. Snug Sports Bra Straps

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When choosing sports bras, the fit of it is the most important part. So when buying sports bras, you need to check on 3 things. The straps, cups and band. For the straps, check that you are able to fit 2 fingers between your shoulder and the strap. When checking the cups, ensure that your breasts aren’t spilling out. If they are, the sports bra is too small. If you are getting an encapsulation sports bra, the moulded cups should cover your entire breast. While a compression bra should cover even the areas near your armpits. Next, check on the band and side panels. If your band rises when you lift your hands over your head, the bra is too big. The band of the bra should fit flat against your ribs without being restrictive. 

4. Style of Sports Bra

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Choosing the best sports bras that fit your body is important. But, finding a style of sports bras that you like is equally as important. When wearing sports bras, you want them to be functional but also look good and make you feel confident. So, this is the part where you decide if you like a Nike sports bra better than an Adidas sports bra. Or, maybe you’re an Under Armour fan. If you like the look of a pullover sports bra, then that’s the style you are looking for. Maybe you want something that’s lighter and in a specific material. It is entirely up to you. Choose the ones that make you feel good. 

5. Look For A Soaking Wick

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Since you will be sweating quite a bit when exercising, it is also important to look for sports bras with a soaking wick. If a sports bra doesn’t have a wick that is breathable and has a soaking mechanism, you will experience rashes and chafing. If not a lot, it will still be a little.

6. How To Wash

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This is a no brainer, but you should be washing your sports bras after each use. This prevents bacteria from building up, as well as unpleasant odours lingering too. The best way to wash your sports bras is to hand wash them. Don’t chuck it into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Use a gentle soap and soak it for 20 to 30 minutes. After, just scrub with your hands and keep soaking and rinsing it till it’s free of soap. Remember to air dry it, as a dryer could shrink it down.