Home Quarantine Malaysia: The Ultimate Guide For Every Incoming Traveller

Guidelines for travelers
By: Balqis Ariffin
April 14, 2022

With our international border opening and ease of restrictions, indicating a transition to the endemic phase, foreign tourists and local people who have been away from their homeland can now easily enter Malaysia. What’s more, fully vaccinated travellers from overseas are exempted from quarantine once they arrive in Malaysia. As we embrace this new norm, knowing the new guidelines will surely help you to prepare before travelling. Below, we have gathered all the useful information on home quarantine in Malaysia. 

Home Quarantine Malaysia Guidelines 

Before Leaving for Malaysia

To ensure a smooth process upon your arrival in Malaysia, make sure that you have fulfilled these requirements: 

1. Download the MySejahtera app and fill in the necessary details under the Traveller icon.

2. Then complete the Pre-departure Form and upload the RT-PCR or RTK-Ag Professional results prior to two days of departure.  Once submitted, you will notice that a Blue Traveller’s card appeared for those who are fully vaccinated and a Red Traveller’s card for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. Travellers from Singapore who travel through the land will receive a Purple Frequent Traveller’s Card.

3.For those who are travelling with dependents, you can fill in their details once you have registered them under the Manage Dependents and Vaccine Dependent icons. 

4. For vaccine certificates that are issued overseas, you need to verify your digital vaccine certification at mysafetravel@gov.my

5. Short term travellers need to purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of USD20,000. However, travellers from Singapore who are fully vaccinated and have the following status are excluded from such requirements:

  • Malaysia or Singapore citizen
  • Malaysia or Singapore permanent residents
  • Long terms pass holders in Malaysia or Singapore

6. Prepared national passport and other valid travel documents before departure

7. Depending on your country of citizenship, you need to have a valid visa to enter Malaysia

Travellers from Singapore who travel by land are exempt from taking any test. Whereas travellers from Singapore who travel by air or those who tested positive for Covid 19 between six and 60 days before arrival should undergo a professionally administered COVID-19 antigen rapid test upon arrival. 

Test and Quarantine Requirements in Malaysia 

Source: Ministry of Health

Starting from the 1st of April 2022,  fully vaccinated travellers can enter Malaysia without quarantine. However, they need to submit a PCR test two days before departure and undergo a professional RTK-Ag within 24 hours for the on-arrival test. On the contrary, those who are partially or not vaccinated need to undergo a quarantine of five days, RTK-Ag test on day 5 and PCR test on day 4 which are additional tests. Travellers that have not been vaccinated due to medical reasons do not have to be quarantined or tested after arrival, however, it merely depends on each case.

They still need to do a PCR test two days prior to the departure and undergo a professional RTK-Ag within 24 hours at a facility or hotel as an on-arrival test. Similar conditions apply to children and adolescents aged 17 or below that have been vaccinated or not. However, fully vaccinated travellers from Singapore are exempted from testing or quarantine which include pre-departure or on arrival. These new guidelines are applicable to those who travel via the land border.

Home Quarantine Qualifying Criteria 

The application for the home quarantine is subjected to the following conditions:

1. Have been vaccinated for COVID-19 

  • For double-dose vaccines, individuals should have received two complete doses more than 14 days after the completion of the second dose
  • For single-dose vaccines: more than 28 days since the last dosage of a single-dose vaccine.

2. PCR Test Result

  • A negative result for the COVID-19 test

3. Home or Residence

  • Applicable for local or foreign travellers who have a residence in Malaysia, including the MM2H and PR
  • The residence should be deemed suitable based on such risk evaluation:

– The number of individuals in the home or residence

– Number of elderly persons who are above 60 years of age in said home

-Number of children who are below 12 years old living in the residence 

-Number of people living in the said home that have a chronic disease

-The number of pregnant women in the home or residence

-The total amount of rooms available in the home or residence

-The number of bathrooms in the residence or home

-The number of bedrooms in said home or residence with en suite bathrooms

Home Quarantine Application 

Source: Ministry of Health

Since the 1st of April this year, travellers who prefer to quarantine at their home do not need approval for a Home Quarantine Application from the Ministry of Health. Simply follow these instructions to apply for home quarantine once you have arrived in Malaysia. However, do note that the Home Quarantine Application should be submitted four to ten days before arrival.

1. Visit the eCOVID19 HQA and click apply now at this link. The application can be filled for up to 10 travellers per application for one home or residence. If you have exceeded such a number, you are required to submit a new application. 

2.Fill in all of the applicant details with correct information and a valid ID of Mykad or passport.

3. Uploaded the required documents for approval.

4.Once it has been reviewed and approved, the applicants will be notified

What If I Don’t Meet The Home Quarantine Application Requirements?

For travellers who do not fulfil the criteria for home quarantine application, they would need to stay in a designated quarantine hotel of their choice.  It is advised that you book your quarantine hotel at least two weeks prior to your arrival. You can make your booking by clicking on this link and make sure to present your hotel booking confirmation once you have arrived in Malaysia. 

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