Say Hi To HiFruityBox, Malaysia’s First Frozen Fruit Subscription Service

HiFruityBox from HiBlendr makes things easier
By: agnes
May 20, 2022

HiBlendr, the local lifestyle brand and creators of the portable and lightweight Juice Cup Pro blenders, is redefining the local lifestyle and wellness scene with the debut of HiFruityBox, Malaysia’s first-ever frozen fruit subscription service. The all-new blender is expected to be the ideal complement to HiBlendr’s wildly famous blender series, thanks to its expanded convenience. 

“After hearing all the feedback from our customers, we found out that a lot of our customers actually are too busy to get fruits for their everyday consumption. We’ve decided to make our customer’s life even easier by pre-mixing things up and introducing our brand new frozen fruit bags – HiFruityBox, which will allow our customers to save more of their time and enable them to try out different combinations of drinks, smoothies and shakes. With this new product, preparing a healthy intake has never been easier, tastier and as varied!” stated Andrew Poh, Founder of HiBlendr.

A Mix Of All Things Good

The HiFruityBox comes in 7 different variants including 3 specially crafted fruit mixed that provide much-needed Vitamin C that helps boost immunity. The 3 are named Wild Berries C Booster, Tropical C Booster, Calming C Booster.

Fresh frozen raspberries, broccoli, blueberries, and strawberry chunks may be found in the Wild Berries C Booster for premium berrylicious goodness. Tropical C Booster, which combines pineapples, mangoes, carrots, and kiwi pieces, is a great mix of sour and tangy for those who prefer tropical fruits. Last but not least, the Calming C Booster is for those who love a creamy, satisfying, and healthy combination of mangoes, bananas, carrots, and avocado.

Speciality Single Fruit Selections

The remaining four HiFruityBoxes are single fruit speciality selections. You can find high-quality frozen fruits such as banana, avocado, pineapple, and mango. These single fruit bags include prime succulent chunks of their respective fruits. All of which aim to provide consumers with a healthy diet of low fat, high fibre, fat-free, and Vitamin B6.

Consumers do not have to bother about acquiring their own fruits or hunting for the best alternatives with the HiFruityBoxes. You will find premium-grade fruit chunks in each bag. All of the fruits in HiFruityBox were frozen at the peak of ripeness to preserve their nutrients, flavours, and freshness.

“Based on our research, 3 out of 4 Malaysians suffer from at least one form of nutrient deficiency due to hectic lifestyles and busy schedules. An everyday Malaysian is used to not having the time to prepare healthy food for themselves before and after work, thus we tend to prefer Mamak and fast food over fruits and vegetables, sacrificing a healthy, balanced diet for the sake of time and convenience. Knowing this, we came up with a brand new product to ease the practice of at least incorporating a healthy drink into their diet. This is by attaining 3 important factors which are convenience, quality and variety” added Andrew.

Benefits Of The HiFruityBox

Each ziplock bag features fruit pieces containing critical nutrients like Vitamin C, potassium, and folate. But they also feature flavorful richness extracted from fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can help you maintain a healthy gut. Furthermore, they help prevent constipation and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Plus, they can help enhance your skin condition too!

A single serving of HiFruityBox Mix Frozen Fruit meets the nutritional requirements of a normal, healthy adult. When combined with the Juice Cup Pro, you may experience even more ease. This allows you to spend more time on productivity and less time on laborious preparation.

Here’s What We Think

Glitz got the opportunity to try out the HiFruityBox Wild Berries C Booster and truthfully love it so much. Personally, we are huge fans of smoothies but we’re not very good at pairing fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the HiFruityBox subscription allows us to have fuss-free smoothies every single day. Furthermore, when we freeze our own fruits or vegetables, they don’t blend well and come out chunky.

But the bag of frozen fruits from HiBlendr blended like a dream! We paired ours with a cup of oat milk and even shared it around, it was gone in seconds. You can also opt to blend it with water for a clean and refreshing cool drink. In addition, the smoothie was not sweet at all. So if you don’t like sweet stuff, this is really for you! All in all, we definitely see ourselves subscribing to this for sure. Maybe even as a gift for some of our friends too!

HiFruityBox is currently available in the Klang Valley only. Single purchases of the nutrition pre-mixed set start at RM149.99; while monthly subscriptions will give consumers a 10% discount on the monthly fee. Customers can purchase the HiFruityBox right here!

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