Hennessy Collaborates With Zhang Enli To Welcome The Year Of The Tiger

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By: agnes
January 17, 2022

With a surreal work of art by internationally known artist Zhang Enli, Maison Hennessy ushering in the festive season of Chinese New Year! Hennessy is commemorating a spirit, a vision, and a passion for art by celebrating the Chinese New Year in conjunction with the prominent modern artist. Here at Glitz by Beauty Insider, we bring you all the inside scoop to this truly breathtaking release.

Meet Zhang Enli

Zhang Enli, a Shanghai-based artist, was born in Jilin, China, in 1965. He works with everyday things, magnifying them into unique, dreamy compositions. These mirror the world around us and express his love of nature. In addition, he is one of China’s most influential modern painters. Zhang takes inspiration from traditional Chinese ink drawings. And follows through with expressive lines and curves, muted tones, and loose washes. Furthermore, they capture the essence of his topics with a singular and imaginative aesthetic vocabulary. Thus, you can find Zhang Enli’s art in various major exhibits throughout the world, including Shanghai, Rome, and London.

“While this painting may be different from traditional tiger-themed paintings, my hope is that people will intuitively recall the animal’s beauty and vitality. ‘Poetry and Wine Welcome the Tiger’ is about spirit and sense over appearances; about the force of transformation, even in the tiniest details,” said Zhang Enli.

In 2022, Zhang Enli continues the tradition with an original artwork. This combines traditional Chinese brush painting skills with a bold, modern, and creative vision to reflect the regal essence of Hennessy blends.

Limited Edition Hennessy

The Tiger represents hope and augurs renewed energy and vitality after a period of difficulty and loss. Therefore, Zhang Enli takes strength from nature for Hennessy. Here, he presents “Poetry and Wine Welcome the Tiger,” a universal depiction of vitality and optimism.

The artist uses dynamic lines and brilliant colour to conjure the majestic beast; an ancestral emblem of strength, success, and confidence — instead of figurative representation. Furthermore, he also opted to pay homage to the serene beauty of the Charente River in Cognac for the year of the Tiger; utilising it as a symbol for transformation and the passing of time. Just as every drop of water in the river is unique, so Hennessy’s unique eaux-de-vie. Which are assembled by the Master Blender, generation after generation, into an unforgettable cognac.

Zhang Enli transcribed his impressions from a visit to Hennessy’s ancient location in Cognac into a fluid, dream-like composition. In which sprays of water droplets rise up and reconverge into a tiger stalking in the night. Other than that, empowerment and sophistication are evoked by a yellow and gold palette; with crystalline amber tones evoking the depth of Hennessy’s mixes. Red touches evoke the celebratory atmosphere of Chinese New Year, while a pictograph on the tiger’s forehead resembles the Chinese character “王 wang,” which means “emperor” or “sovereign.”

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