Inside Scoop Collaborates With Hamadaya To Bring You A Truly Unique Flavour

Say, "Soy-Desuka!".
By: Iffah Salleh
October 7, 2022

Glitz invites all adventurers and ice cream lovers to try the new flavours that will make you say, Soy-Desuka.

Inside Scoop, a local artisanal ice cream brand is teaming up with Hamadaya, a halal-certified premium Japanese sauce brand to introduce a limited edition caramel soy sauce, in honour of Soy Sauce Day, which falls on October 1st. The limited edition flavour, the Soy-Desuka, will be available for the whole month of October 2022 only.

Inside Scoop has successfully created the perfect flavours through this collaboration without using any artificial flavours or preservatives, which took nearly six months of research and development to ensure the most unique flavour out of soy sauce. The main ingredient in the ice cream is Hamadaya Japanese Seasoning Soy Sauce.

Both Hamadaya and Inside Scoop hope this collaboration will inspire more local brands to leverage each other in elevating the local economy going forward towards the new normal.

“We are equally excited and grateful for the opportunity to experience venturing into slightly different products than what we usually do such as this,” said Lili Ho, the Vice President of Marketing at Hamadaya.

To find out what soy sauce ice cream tastes like, go to your nearest Inside Scoop location while supplies last!

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