This G-Shock And Rui Hachimura Collaboration Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

In stunning copper and black
By: agnes
October 25, 2021

Other than splendid necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, there is one amazing accessory that everyone should own. And that’s watches. Watches are both stylish and functional as they add depth to an outfit and helps you tell time throughout the day. The best part about shopping for watches is the wide array of designs, styles, and colourways available. From dainty and thin ones to chunky and edgy styles, watches will truly never go extinct in the fashion industry. With that, we bring you the latest watch release in the fashion world. Presenting the GM-110RH by Casio in its special G-SHOCK x Rui Hachimura collaboration! Keep reading to find out all the latest deets right here on Glitz.

What Should You Know About GM-110RH?

Well, firstly, the GM-110RH is a new addition to the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches by Casio. This dreamy chunky piece is also the second signature model n collaboration with NBA pro-Rui Hachimura. 

Here’s something you should know: Hachimura is actually the first Japanese national EVER to be in the first round of the NBA draft. This happened back in the year of 2019. But this season, Hachimura continues to be the centerpiece of his team and his impact is expected to grow in the future. 

To support him in tackling the tough challenges that lies ahead, Casio signed a global partnership agreement with Hachimura in November 2019. And truly, we are in love with this collaboration because we cannot stop fangirling over the lovely release. This new watch is a signature model designed in collaboration with Hachimura. Hachimura has long been a G-SHOCK fan, ever since he was in school years and years ago. 

The GM-110RH Design

You may have noticed that the GM-110RH is based on the GM-110, which actually features a metal bezel and a stylish design. This particular signature model features striking yellow, red, and green accents that stand out but also blend well with the base colour of the watch. But the accents are not just a mix and match of random colours. In fact, it takes inspiration from the national flag of Benin, which is Hachimura’s ancestral home.

“The watch draws inspiration from my roots in Benin and Africa, which are very important to me. The band design and watch face evoke elements of Beninese culture and I am delighted at how Casio brought my ideas to life,” said Hachimura when asked about the new model. 

For optimum visibility, Casio lays out the yellow hour hand, red minute hand, green inset dial, and Y-shaped bridge perfectly. The GM-110RH also comes with a basic black urethane band as well as a West African kente-cloth motif inspired by the traditional clothing of the region. Other than that, it is super easy to switch between the black band and the motif-inspired band. This amazing feature gives you two different watch looks. How cool is that? 

At the back of the watch, the symbol of  ‘八’ dones the copper chrome case. When translated from Japanese, it means hachi, or “eight”. This number is something very special to Hachimura because it represents both his name and jersey number. The new model also comes in a special packaging that exudes culture, heritage, and most importantly, style.

The GM-110RH retails for RM1,829 and is now available at Casio Authorized Dealers, G-Factory, G-SHOCK Stores, and CASIO G-SHOCK Official Site (Malaysia).

So Who Is Rui Hachimura?

Now that you know more about G-SHOCK’s newest model, let’s run you through who Hachimura actually is. To give you an insight, Hachimura is a 23-year-old native of Toyama Prefecture. He stands 203 centimetres tall and weighs 104 kilograms. 

Since middle school, Hachimura has had a love for basketball and began playing it in school. When he was at Meisei High School in Miyagi Prefecture, he led his team to three consecutive victories in the All-Japan High-School Tournament. Plus, another great achievement was that even while he was still a student, the Japan National team selected him as a candidate to play!

Fast forward to 2016, Hachimura started attending the Gonzaga University in the United states. This university is known for its highly respected basketball program in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In his third season as a key player, the Gonzaga Bull dogs made it to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament. In that same season, Hachimura won the Julius Erving award as the best small forward. 

Three years later, Hachimura became the first Japanese national ever to be taken in the first round of the NBA draft. He joins the Washington Wizards. In his rookie season, Hachimura played 48 of 72 games. Because of this stellar performance, Hachimura was given a spot on the second-team NBA All-Rookie Team. Today, Hachimura is climbing up the ranks and making a name for himself. He also proudly puts his country on the map.

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