You Need To Try These ‘’Grab & Go’’ Food Items From FamilyMart, If You Haven’t Already

For the grab & go’s
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
December 30, 2021

Welcome to Malaysia! Where every food cuisine is welcome and available in every corner of the mall. Though, buying food items at convenience stores doesn’t always sound like a good idea until Malaysians amped up their game by introducing myNews and FamilyMart. Ever since then, the idea of buying ‘’grab & go’’ food and beverages has made everything much easier. 

FamilyMart first made its debut in Malaysia in the year 2016. The mart is widely known for selling Korean’s hot items you could never find anywhere else. Oden noodles, Ramen, Matcha ice creams, Gyudo, Chahan, and the list goes on. Not to mention, they always served the food in a fresh and warm condition. Literally heaven

If you have never tried any of their food before and decided to try one, we at Glitz by Beauty Insider prepared a list of must try food items from the ever famous FamilyMart that’ll leave you wanting more! 

1. Oden

This one needs no introduction. Their ever-classic and fan favourite, Oden meal is available in original dashi, which come in a brewing of Tom Yam broth. You can customize your own ingredients to be soaked up in a hot flavourful Tom Yam—crab cake, tofu fish cake, veggie cake, lobster ball, chicken ball and atjisuke tamago (marinated soft-boiled egg). Have it in a rainy cold weather and ugh, what a bliss!

Price: Starting from RM 9.00++

2. Onigiri 

For something that is unique from Korea, you can try the Onigiri rice snack. They came in a few flavours including tuna mayo, eww hawaiian, salmon, ebiko and a few others. FamilyMart even offers a limited edition Onigiri flavour every month so you’ll need to keep your eyes on them. 

Price: Starting from RM 5.00++

3. Sushi

There’ll be no Korean and Japanese themed-food without the good ole’ Sushi. You can find two different types of Sushi at FamilyMart. The one you can heat up and consume in hot and flavour condition or prefer to have it cold from the refrigerator. FamilyMart’s Sushi comes in different flavours and stuffings. The choice is yours!

Price: Starting from RM 6.00++

4. Savoury Sandwiches

For those of you who prefer a quick grab and go for breakfast, lunch break or snacks, you can try their savoury sandwiches. These are my personal favourites because you can either have them like it is or ask the worker to heat them up. FamilyMart offers arrays of savoury, tasty sandwiches like the famous chicken slice, meatball sub and even egg mayo. 

Price: Starting from RM 7.00++

5. Hot Light Snacks 

If you love light bites like sausages and nuggets, worry not, as they’re also available at FamilyMart’s hot station. They even offer hot chicken slices that are crispy and crusty. The boneless chicken is made in a twist of spicy and mixed herbs flavour from Korea, you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

Price: Starting from RM 4.00++

6. Hot Dog Buns & Puffs

Still under bun and sandwiches, you can also opt for hot dog buns and curry puffs which will be served in a bolognese sauce toppings for egg mayo. Also, these hot dog buns and puffs are literally easy to grab and go for you busy bees.They’re super duper tasty. 

Price: Starting from RM 3.00++

7. Bento Box 

Introducing you to a traditional Korean ready-to-go meal, the Bento Box. Which contains either rice, or noodles as their main dishes. Their sides are available in veggies, meat and pickled. Same as other food available, you can ask the staff to heat Bento Box for you. It’s better to have them in warm conditions! Truly tasty. 

Price: Starting from RM 13.00++

8. Dim Sum

I know Malaysians are no stranger to Dim Sum, but those that are available at FamilyMart are different from others! Their Dim Sum are usually sold out fast so you better be quick when you feel like eating them. Make sure you buy a few pieces because they’ll turn into obsession. 

Price: Starting from RM 3.00++

9. Soft Serve Ice Creams 

If there’s one thing that I could choose to indulge forever from FamilyMart it’s their soft serve ice creams. The texture is so creamy, melt easily in the mouth, and not to mention super duper irresistible. Their go-to flavour is their famous Matcha, but keep an eye out for their other flavour releases. Coconut, Melon, Strawberry and others are often available each month. 

Price: Starting from RM 9.00++

10. Frappe Drinks

If you crave a frappe drink but need something that is less costly like other beverage brands, head over to FamilyMart. They have choices of frappe drinks that are filled with familiar flavour like cookie and cream, matcha, strawberry and coffees. Their frappe drinks are truly a must-have!

Price: Starting from RM 10.00++

11. Freshly Brewed Drinks

Oh if you prefer the usual drinks and not something blended, you can always go for their iced coffee drinks, iced matcha, iced chocolate or hot ones. In terms of price, they are also slightly cheaper than other coffee brands out there but depends on your choices of cup size. If you buy their food items, make sure to get yourself a drink as well. 

Price: Starting from RM 8.00++

12. Mini Desserts 

Speaking of something sweet, don’t forget to try their mini dessert collection as well! Their mini ice creams come in a mini cup filled with ice cream, bread crumbs and cookie crumbs. From Strawberry Shortcakes to Chocolate Mousse to Matcha Parfait, you’ll be lost in their sweet temptation! 

Price: Starting from RM 3.00++

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