Glitz Spotlight: Glamz At Genting Brings A Whole New Meaning To Camping

All about this glamorous haven
By: agnes
November 22, 2021

Are you craving a getaway into nature? Where you can just disconnect from the city life and appreciate the glistening stars? Well, what if we told you of a perfect spot that’s safe, cooling, and fascinating at the same time? Meet Glamz At Genting, a one-of-its-kind glamping site and event space that’s about to be your go-to staycation destination. Set in a safe enclosed area, Glamz has everything you need to reconnect with nature without compromising on the basic amenities. In this week’s Glitz Spotlight, we sat down with founder Ms Bernise Low to find out about the inspiration behind Glamz and everything else.

1. Firstly, Ms Bernise Low, may we ask where did the idea of Glamz At Genting come from?

Glamz at Genting was inspired by one of our business partners who wishes to build a unique accommodation for his retirement. By combining ideas from other partners, ideas came together and we successfully created Glamz. We are very happy to be Malaysia’s one- of- its kind event space and glamping resort.

2. As the founder, what does this place mean to you? Why ‘glamping’?

Glamz Dome / Pic courtesy of Glamz

Glamping is actually a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping” – where it’s a style of camping with partial amenities provided. Glamping has become particularly popular for the past 3 to 4 years within Malaysia. 

As a mother of a young boy, I’ve always wanted my son to venture into nature yet within a safe environment. With that, Glamz at Genting is always the best choice because the surrounding is fully gated with 24 hours security guards and CCTV surveillance. Most importantly, it is clean and no surprise “guests” like animals or insects. Therefore, children can just run around within the compound freely.

3. Can you tell us the rooms that Glamz at Genting offers and who do they suit more?

VIP Dome / Pic courtesy of Glamz

Glamz at Genting offers 4 different room types, adding to a total of 20 rooms. All the rooms are suitable for different groups of categories like couples, youngsters, family, and friends. To be more specific, it will be as per below:

  • VIP Dome with Private Jacuzzi – couples for celebration
  • Dome Room with Big or Small Window – young family, couples, and groups of friends
  • Bell Tent – young family, couples and prefer camping style
  • Family Dome – families gathering, group of friends, and small team retreat

4. What kind of activities can guests do at Glamz at Genting?

Jacuzzi / Pic courtesy of Glamz

Picnic, BBQ Night, Jacuzzi and Steam Room, Cycling, Badminton, Soccer, Mini Ping Pong, Board games, Bird watching, and Stargazing.

5. This hotel also doubles up as a lovely event space- can you tell us more about that?

Greenhouse / Pic courtesy of Glamz

Glamz at Genting is a one-of-its-kind event space. We are unique and different, offering various spaces designated to create memories that will last a lifetime. We are featured in SAYS, The Wedding Scoop, BURO, Venuescape as Malaysia’s Top Wedding Spot in 2019. To top it all, we had recently been awarded by Malaysia Tourism Award as the BEST GLAMPING AND EVENT SPACE.

Millennials are slowly changing to destination weddings instead of traditional ones. They want their destination wedding to be epic, once-in-a-lifetime vacation for them, their family, and friends. No need to be tied down to specific packages or rules set. Glamz can fit into your budget and still be able to create the best day of your life. 

Glamz is one of the perfect choices for such occasions and is also a space that does the undoable. We help and collaborate with others to do something very different. In 2019, we have hosted Soimjenn’s first-ever solo event “Weekend with Jenn” where we hosted over 600 people in Glamz. We’ve also done over 80 weddings, corporate events, celebrity weddings, media launches, and TV Show shootings.

6. What has been the biggest challenge for Glamz during this pandemic?

Open Area / Pic courtesy of Glamz

During the pandemic, we faced the same situation with other hospitality industries where we can’t operate for nearly a year. We had tried to cut all corners in order to stay afloat during this pandemic.

Over the social media platforms, we continue to stay engage with our customers and also actively selling promotion vouchers online. We want to thank everyone that has supported and helped us through this pandemic especially those that had bought our promo vouchers online!

7. Can you tell us one of the most memorable moments that happened?

BBQ Area / Pic courtesy of Glamz

22nd Aug 2018 is the day that I will never forget. 

Glamz open its doors early of Aug 2018 and back then, there were only us and a few dedicated staff that work relentlessly to provide the best service to our customers. On the morning of 28th Aug 2018, we checked our inbox as usual and we were surprised by the thousands of enquiries emails that flocked into our email. We were very happy and overwhelmed at the same time! All of us quickly jumped into answering all the enquiries and from there, our bookings have never stops. We have always been very thankful to this particular customer that has helped to share about Glamz on his Facebook and with his posting, we have garnered so many attentions on social media. Glamz were name top glamping site in the same year itself!

8. What are the SOPs the hotel is doing to ensure the safety of guests?

Reception / Pic courtesy of Glamz

ALL guests must:

  • Vaccination certification is required. Only low risks and no symptoms are allowed to check-in.
  • Body temperature checked at the entrance.
  • Sanitizers are available at Glamz.
  • Less human interaction, maintain social distancing 1 meter away. We have a lot of open space and hang-out areas at Glamz for customers to chill.
  • We are not centralizing air- condition.
  • You can find refreshing natural air here.
  • Breakfast baskets are served directly to your room.
  • Rooms go through sanitization after every check-out.

9. We would like to touch on promotions that Glamz is having- are there any you’d like to share with us?

Steam Room / Pic courtesy of Glamz

We will be launching a pet- friendly glamping site in Jan 2022 and this will be followed by a series of launching promotion for the new site. So stay tuned as we will definitely share it with you guys once everything is confirmed. We will also be launching brand new wedding packages for smaller-scale wedding.

10. What is the one spot in Glamz that everyone must visit?

Star Gazing Deck / Pic courtesy of Glamz

Star Gazing Deck. It is our most perfect IG Spot in Glamz. On a good day, you will be able to capture the sunrise in the morning and the clear blue sky. At night, you will be able to spot breathtaking constellations at night.

11. What is the plan for the hotel in the next few years?

Dome Room with Small Window / Pic courtesy of Glamz

For next year, we will be launching an exclusive pets glamping site next to Glamz. This will be separated from the existing Glamz@Genting, as Glamz@Genting continues to be a Muslim-friendly hotel. On top of this, we are constantly looking out for good collaborations with other partners to create greater synergy.

We are also working towards expanding to other states in hopes to support states tourism to boost up local tourism. 

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