Ganni X New Balance Kicks To Elevate Your Wardrobe

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By: Cherelle Lim
April 29, 2022

Embrace the Y2K aesthetic with the brand new Ganni X New Balance Kicks! After weeks and weeks of anticipation, it is finally here! The collaboration everyone has been waiting for. Get your hands on these gorgeous, gorgeous sneakers to pump up your cool-girl summer. Ganni recently released a brand new collaboration with New Balance that’s suitable for jumping, running and sprinting all over the city! This limited-edition collection is perfect for Spring-Summer vibes and is the perfect blend of comfy and cutesy. So, if you haven’t heard about this new collaboration launch yet, here is your quick info dump on Glitz! Take a look at where you can get the new Ganni X New Balance collection and how much it costs. 


Ganni X New Balance

Ganni is described as a “luxury brand with lower-end prices” by fashion analysts. The Scandinavian brand sits in a sweet spot right between Zara and Dior. Ganni is also a brand all about making women feel more confident. Their #GANNIGirls is more a state of mind than anything else. Noting the ‘s’ at the end of their hashtag, #GANNIGirls welcomes everyone and is a form of self-expression. With headquarters in Copenhagen, Ganni is a Danish designer brand that has the superpower to turn something that seems old-school and “bad”, into something new and cool! 

New Balance

New Balance is a sportswear brand that many are familiar with. They stand for something bigger than sneakers and champion those that are driven fearlessly by their passions. Elevating sports, New Balance aims to do right by the planet and people. At New Balance, their main goal is to help athletes in their pursuit. Whether it means aiding professional athletes to win medals and set records or motivating everyday athletes to live a healthier lifestyle, run their first 5K, or break a new personal record. 

New Balance products are the perfect blend of fashion and function. Providing consumers with the style they want and the performance technology they need. With many associates around the world, they achieve these goals with their creativity and extraordinary skills. As New Balance continues to offer the best products on the market, the brand also doesn’t forget to give back. 

Ganni X New Balance Collection

The Ganni X New Balance Collection reimagines the classic New Balance 2002R sneaker. Renewing them in two unique prints and colourways, this collection features subtle shades of green and grey, along with pops of colours. Aside from that, it also features the Scandinavian brand, Ganni’s logo which gives us 2000s vibes. 

Ganni and New Balance decided to work with environmentally preferred materials under the green leaf standards of New Balance. Thus, they have come up with a shoe that has an upper shoe consisting of more than 50% of recycled content and a 5% regrind rubber outsole. The 2000R is the perfect fashion-forward sneaker and ‘runner-city sneaker hybrid’ gorgeous, gorgeous girls need for exploring the city. What’s more, is that the Ganni X New Balance Collection is priced fairly reasonable at just £140, making that approximately RM762. 

From the Ganni X New Balance Collection, Ganni Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup mentions that “The NB 2002R style really fits into the Copenhagen way of dressing”. As they are always “cycling and running somewhere”, this sneaker is the “perfect mix of function and fashion”. Further stating that it is “a huge honor to put a GANNI spin on such an iconic New Balance shoe”. 

Thanks to Ganni’s global relevance among fashion-conscious consumers along with many of their #GANNIGirls often styling outfits with New Balance sneakers, we couldn’t have seen a more perfect collaboration between the two brands. 

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