From KL with Love, A Stress-Free Weekend Road Trip to These Scenic Locations

Because you deserve a long pause from the city
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
June 17, 2023

Exploring on your own wheels (aka road trip) no doubt brings you the whole new world of untapped tiny towns, hazy mountains, hidden lakes, and crimson jungles. 

Moreover, as we move into the new normal, or road trips will let you travel in style. It’s a fantastic opportunity to devote quality time with your loved ones, and we’re confident that the time you put into the journey will leave a lasting impression.

If you want to get away from the rush and intensity of Kuala Lumpur, check out Glitz‘s list of the greatest road trips from KL, where you’ll see Malaysia’s grandeur.

Road Trip Essentials

If you are going on a road trip, here are some essentials you need to bring! For a long car ride, always bring snacks and plenty of water. That way you won’t get hungry or thirsty in the middle of nowhere! Besides that, you should keep a hat, jacket or blanket in your car. Preparing for any weather and aircon setting in the car is always a good idea! Besides that, you should also pack a spare set of clothes in case of emergencies as well. There is no harm in being prepared and it could make your trip even better!

Road Trips Idea From KL 

1. KL to Melaka City, Melaka

A weekend trip to Malacca has always been a favourite among the locals. There’s always a time to visit the capitol, to enjoy the historical site and riding a trishaw driven by a similarly aged man. Appreciating the mediaeval cobblestone alleyways, the 16th-century church, and a slew of new hotels that are dubbed as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. After leisurely walking around and appreciating the view, don’t forget to enjoy a bowl of cendol

Duration: ETA 2 hours

Distance: (151.3 km) via Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/E2

Must visit places: Find out here.  

2. KL to Ipoh, Perak 

Ipoh focuses on settling down and switching off. Thanks to its numerous hidden cafes and Instagrammable alleys. Not to mention the quaint city’s tin-mining past is magnificently portrayed at the Han Chin Pet Soo museum, and attractive numbers of colonial houses and antique walks like Concubine Lane. Modern attractions like the Ipoh Art Trail balance things up and remind you that Ipoh is all about keeping up with the times.

Duration: ETA 2 hours

Distance: (206.3 km) via Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan/E1

Must visit places:

  • Concubine Lane
  • Lost World of Tambun
  • Kellie’s Castle, Gua Tempurung

3. KL to Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Looking for a getaway ala Scottish country but never leaving Malaysia? Head over to Pahang’s famed Cameron Highlands for a  refreshing retreat. Make a quick stop along the road at the busy Tapah rest facility on the motorway. Explore the many different kinds of fruit that are frequently offered here, based on the season, ranging from mango and jambu air to rambutan, mangosteen, and much more. When you land in Cameron Highlands, enjoy the breezes while seeing the area’s numerous renowned landmarks.

Duration: ETA 3 hours

Distance: (207.7 km) via Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan/E1 and Route 59

Must visit places:

  • Big Red Strawberry Farm
  • Time Tunnel Museum
  • Mossy Forest
  • Mrs. Robertson’s Rose Garden
  • Boh Tea Plantation

4. KL to Sekinchan

Take the tram or hike to Bukit Melawati for a picturesque view of the Selangor shoreline. Given its high location, the mountain was used as a citadel in the later 18th and early 19th centuries, and some vestiges of history may be discovered surrounding the hill. Discover more about the area’s significance by visiting the modest but interesting exhibition there. If you visit in the mid evening, you may witness the sunset alongside the famed furry inhabitants, monkeys.

Duration: ETA 1 hours 30 minutes

Distance: (96.0 km) via Jln Klang – Teluk Intan/Route 5

Must visit places:

  • Paddy Fields
  • Fishing Village
  • Sekinchan Wishing Tree
  • Mango King

5. KL to Johor Bahru, Johor

Head south to JB for a more family and kid-friendly journey.  A thrilling journey welcomes you at Legoland, Malaysia’s first global amusement park. Ride on Lego-themed coasters, play interactive games, and get wet and fizzy in their water park. You may possibly stop at Seremban and Melaka on the way to Johor, but if you wish to travel directly, you’ll have more time to discover the offers in some of the state’s important towns. Don’t miss to swing by Muar for some delicious Mee Bandung.

Duration: ETA 3 hours 37 minutes

Distance: (335.2 km) via Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/E2

Must visit places: Find out here

6. KL to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

When it comes to road trips, the first general rule to follow is to avoid the highway. So, drive the backroads down the Peninsular coast for a few unique pit stops. The trip’s first item on the list is to eat around Negeri Sembilan specialities. Including lemak cili padi and gulai tempoyak for lunch. Rather than crossing the highway from Seremban, proceed towards Port Dickson. As you make your way down to the next spot, you will be welcomed by a beautiful sea vista.

Duration: ETA 1 hours 

Distance: (69.7 km) via Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/E2

Must visit places:

  • Centipede Temple
  • Jelita Ostrich Farm
  • Palm Mall

7. KL to Penang

As you journey northward, you will see a beautiful spectrum of geographical diversity, including hills, rivers, woodlands, and wetlands. With so many distinct sights, this medium to long-distance excursion is ideal if you have between five and seven days to spend. Visit Penang Hill, Kek Lok Si Temple, and the Botanical Gardens between meals in Penang. The state   has some of the greatest hawker cuisine in Malaysia, but sophisticated cafés offering smooth coffees and fluffy pastries have sprouted up all over the territory.

Duration: ETA 4 hours 

Distance: (355.8 km) via Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan/E1

Must visit places: Find out here.  

8. KL – Gopeng – Ipoh

Looking for a more relaxed and unhurried trip that allows you to reconnect with your inner peace?or may we suggest,” Come to Gopeng”, it is a village in Perak surrounded by stunning scenery and rainforests that were once famed for tin mining. 

Stay the night in a tent at the picturesque Gopeng Glamping Park, where you may sleep beneath a starry sky and wake up to the fresh aroma of morning dew, then start your activities with white water rafting and close your day by sightseeing some of the historical pre-war buildings that populate the Gopeng old town.

Do not return to KL quite yet! While you’re there, take a 30-minute detour to Ipoh for some traditional tau fu fah, Ipoh white coffee, and classic chicken rice. After a long day, take a bath in the hot springs at the Lost World Of Tambun!

Duration: 2 hours KL – Gopeng + 30 minutes to Ipoh

Distance: 202 KM

Must visit places: 

  • Glamping experience at Gopeng Glamping Park
  • White water rafting at Kampar River
  • Hike Bukit Batu Putih
  • Enjoy the theme park and hot springs at the Lost World Of Tambun

9. KL to Pantai Irama, Kelantan

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Pantai Irama, also known as Melody Beach, is one of the best without having to venture offshore. While the beach is nice and the lapping waves are peaceful, it can get a little busy on weekends. Bring a potluck or, even better, indulge in real Kelantanese food that is rich, sweet, and creamy. Just don’t expect a pristine beach.

Maybe after some day-trip sightseeing, you can go on little tours to the nearby attractions around town, such as viewing the Sleeping Buddha, The Dragon Temple, and the little history lesson at Istana Bunian.

Duration: 6.5 hours

Distance: 450KM

Must visit places:   

  • Pay a visit to Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham (The Dragon Temple)
  • Take around 20KM to visit the famous Kelantan’s, the Sleeping Buddha
  • Enjoy the food and cultures at Pasar Jelawat Bachok Kelantan
  • Get yourself into the folklore of the locals, visit Istana Bunian

10. KL – Temerloh – Kuantan

If you want to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle, travel to Temerloh for a one-of-a-kind flavour of authentic ‘kampung’ living. Temerloh, a small hamlet in central Pahang, is well-known for its patin fish!

The inhabitants prepare a number of specific meals that bring out the best flavour of the fish, which, as we mentioned before, is popular among the locals but not so much with tourists: Tempoyak (fermented Durians). — But YOLO, we dare you to try it at one of the town’s many patin eateries or restaurants! However, you should inquire about their spiciness first, as the dish is typically spicy rather than mild.

Consider a 1.5-hour drive to Kuantan after viewing the beauty of Temerloh! Kuantan boasts wonderful hiking routes, coastlines, and heritage landmarks just waiting to be tapped, like something of a starter kit for nature lovers or a pleasant escape for a stressed-out mind. Kuantan has it all, whether you want to rest in the beach wind or go waterfall-hunting. Really. You should arrange your trip as soon as possible!

Duration:  1 hour and 45 minutes from KL – Temerloh | 1.5 hours Temerloh –  Kuantan

Distance: 242.5 KM

Must visit places:  

  • Have a refreshing dip at the Sungai Pandan Waterfall
  • Attempt surfing at Cherating Beach
  • Have some amazing ‘Ikan Bakar’ eateries: We recommend you try Pais Patin
  • Try Temerloh’s iconic dish: Ikan Patin Tempoyak!

11. KL to Genting Highlands

If you ever feel like getting out of the city, taking a road trip up to Genting Highlands is always fun! You can opt for either a day trip or overnight trip since it is so close to KL. Travel above the skies and enjoy the chilly wind! Moreover, you can also go shopping at Genting Premium Outlet (GPO) where there are incredible deals from a plethora of brands! Besides that, you can also visit the outdoor theme park to enjoy thrilling rides.

Duration: ETA 1 hour

Distance: (53 km) via Lebuhraya DUKE

Must-visit places: 

  • Skyworld Outdoor Theme Park
  • Genting Premium Outlet
  • Chin Swee Caves Temple
  • Starbucks Chin Swee

12. KL to Royal Belum State Park

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again! A fun road trip somewhere new is always a treat. If you haven’t been to Royal Belum State Park, here’s your sign. Around 4.5 hours away from KL, it is the perfect escape for nature-lovers. As one of the oldest rainforests in the world, you’ll be greeted with a life-changing adventure as you discover mysteries of the jungle. 

Duration: ETA 4.5 hours

Distance: (294 km) 

Must-visit places:

  • Trekking
  • Cruising by boat
  • Waterfall
  • Orang Asli village

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