Fashion Revolution Week 2022 Is Here To School Us On Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Revolution Week happening at REXKL
By: Cherelle Lim
April 19, 2022

Get ready for 6 days of fashion fun days at Fashion Revolution Week! Debuting for the first time in Malaysia, the event is taking place at REXKL from 19 to 24 April 2022. The best part is that you’ll also get to experience ‘The Big Waste’ Installation by Dhan Illiani as well! 

Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week brings together some of the largest global fashion activism movements in the world. Campaigning for a cleaner and fair fashion industry in more than 90 countries for 7 days of action. 

Besides, Fashion Revolution Week will be featuring a variety of interactive in-person and online events. Inviting the public to:

  • Learn new skills and experience conscious, sustainable and circular fashion workshops
  • Join insightful conversations in expert-led community circles on sustainable fashion topics like ‘Greenwashing’
  • Give clothes a second life in clothes swaps
  • Thrift for a cause
Fashion Revolution Week

These activities will surely bring the sustainable fashion community together and of course, everyone is welcome to join! As a 100% volunteer-run NGO, Fashion Revolution Malaysia joins hands with advocates like Melissa Tan and Seri Mizani, as well as advocacy groups like FASHINFIDELITY and YUFE. Conscious fashion design schools and fashion brands are also lending a hand! 

This year’s theme is Money Fashion Power. It builds on the knowledge that mainstream fashion industries rely heavily on exploiting natural resources and labour. With profit and growth being rewarded above everything else, retailers and big brands have manipulated us into a toxic cycle of overconsumption and fast fashion. 

As global citizens, we possess all the power to take action. Now is the time for a Fashion Revolution. Thus, Fashion Revolution Malaysia aims to shift audiences towards a much more mindful consumption mindset. To do so, they offer tools and support awareness campaigns while simultaneously demonstrating that reusing and extending the life of fashion are effective tools for enjoying fashion. Therefore, the installation will be redistributed at the end of the exhibit through a swap or donation sales.

‘The Big Waste’ Installation by Dhan Illiani

Furthermore, Fashion Revolution Malaysia is teaming up with multi-disciplinary artist Dhan Illiani to bring forth the reality of the fashion waste crisis to Kuala Lumpur. The installation is visually compelling and is titled ‘The Big Waste’. This installation was built with over 800kg of textile waste taken from Kloth Cares, a social enterprise striving to keep fabrics out of landfills. The installation will also be showcased at the cultural hub inside REXKL until the 24th of April 2022.