Have You Tried FamilyMart Oden? What’s On The Menu And How To Order

FamilyMart Malaysia features a wide variety of delectable dishes that…
By: Nina Shahriman
February 12, 2022

FamilyMart Malaysia features a wide variety of delectable dishes that people should sample because they are rarely available elsewhere. However, there’s one special item on their menu that they do incredibly well that has many lining up for it. We’re obviously talking about their piping hot and delicious bowl of oden! Here at Glitz, we love FamilyMart oden so much that we’ve made this article dedicated to all about it from the menu selection, prices and how to order.

First Things First, What Is Oden?

Oden is a sort of Nabemono, or one-pot meal, made with Japanese fish cakes, Konnyaku, tofu, and vegetables in a savoury broth and typically cooked in a Donabe (clay pot). Oden is a typical side dish at udon restaurants and a popular street meal in Japan, especially during the winter. Individual oden components boil in separate metal containers in convenience shops and street carts around Japan, allowing diners to pick their favourite combinations. It’s also a popular hot pot meal to make with friends and family at home.

Oden is not only delicious, but it is also quite easy to cook. While all of the components may be created from scratch, from the broth to the fish cakes, pre-made “oden sets” are fairly prevalent in Japanese and general Asian grocery stores. A typical oden set contains a wide range of fish cakes, fish balls, tofu cakes, mochi bags, and other items. Pre-made oden broth is also available, either as a concentrated dashi stock or as a particular packaged oden powder.

About FamilyMart

FamilyMart is a convenience store franchise brand based in Japan. After 7-Eleven, it is Japan’s second-largest convenience store chain. In Japan, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and our own country, Malaysia, there are already over 24,000 stores!

In 2016, FamilyMart established its first store in Malaysia at Wisma Lim Foo Yong in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Its popularity stems from the fact that it was the first convenience shop to provide soft serve ice cream and fresh appetisers. Only halal ingredients are used in all of FamilyMart Malaysia’s food service and ready-to-eat options.

Let’s Talk About FamilyMart’s Oden

The broth of the oden served at FamilyMart is incredibly tasty. These skewers are highly addicting and come in Original and local favourite Tom Yam broth flavours. It isn’t too spicy so everyone can enjoy these warm bowls of soup.

There are numerous skewers on the menu for a custom bowl of everything you find delicious. Besides that, you can add noodles into your bowl if you’d like to make it a heartier meal. However, what do you do when you are unsure of what to get? Well, FamilyMart provides a variety of Combo Oden bowls that have either just popular skewers or ones that contain noodles to pair.

What’s On The Menu And Prices

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How To Order Oden From FamilyMart

Let the attendant know the broth you want at the oden counter. Choose and customise which oden skewers you would like and have them ready to eat or take with you. This determines if they’ll leave the skewers in or take them out to seal with a top to ensure there isn’t any spillage. Afterwards, pay at the counter and then get ready to eat your warm bowl of oden!