Save these E-Hailing Apps In Malaysia For When You Can’t Catch A Ride

E-hailing apps besides Grab
By: Cherelle Lim
February 3, 2023

These days, it can be hard trying to book a ride from Grab. Especially during peak hours or the rainy season. The prices of Grabs seem to rocket while the possibility of actually getting one plummet. So, there is no harm in downloading a few more e-hailing apps in case of emergencies. Besides, how many other e-hailing apps do you know about besides Grab? Well, here’s your chance to save these e-hailing apps for future reference. Below, Glitz has gathered a list of some that you might or might not have heard before!

E-Hailing Apps Besides Grab

1. AirAsia Ride

An e-hailing ride that truly spans across Malaysia like Grab is AirAsia Ride. Aside from parcel delivery, AirAsia now also provides e-hailing services in Malaysia! Debuting back in August 2021, it is currently available on the highways of KL, Selangor, Kelantan, Penang, Melaka, Sabah, Sarawak and Johor. Unlike other Malaysian e-hailing systems that allocate trips to consumers at random, AirAsia allows users to select their favourite driver from a list. Users can also request an Allstar Ride driven by AirAsia pilots or cabin personnel!

2. inDriver

If Grab rides are getting too expensive, try downloading inDriver! An e-hailing service where you can set your own price. inDriver functions sort of like a bidding system where you can set your own fare for a trip and drivers can counteroffer. Depending on your budget, select the counteroffer that appeals most to you. To help you decide, inDriver also displays each driver’s rating and number of completed trips. Whether you’re booking a short trip for dinner or plan to cross districts, inDriver is a great e-hailing service to keep in mind. 

3. Buddy Driver

Buddy Driver is unlike your average ride-hailing service. Instead of catching a random ride on the street, you can hire a professionally-trained driver to drive your car! Thus, it’s like having a personal driver for the day who will handle all of your transportation needs. Thereby allowing you to go about your day without the frustrations of driving. Whether it’s a party night out or running errands on a busy day, Buddy Driver can save the day. No more worrying about getting behind the wheel and paying expensive parking costs!

4. MyCar


MyCar bills itself as Malaysia’s “third e-hailing force”. Resembling both Grab and Uber in terms of customer experience, the app allows customers to track their drivers’ locations. Moreover, it also allows users to message them while they are on the road, and pay for their rides with a credit card or cash. Besides that, there are no extra charges for traffic bottlenecks, and the platform has a fixed fare structure. Get the app from the App Store or Google Play today!



MULA initially began as a driving service with a user-friendly app. Now, it is an e-hailing app that offers great e-hailing services. Moreover, the platform provides various MULA-owned vehicles and allows users to pre-book a journey at a later date and time as well. Furthermore, the platform encourages passenger and driver safety through thorough background checks. Besides that, it also has smart app features like SOS and the ladies-only MULA Pink function. Thus, ladies can feel safer when hailing a ride at night. It is also important to note that MULA is currently only available in Johor, Penang and Klang Valley. 

6. Riding Pink


An e-hailing app all ladies should download is Riding Pink. It is Malaysia’s first women and child-only ride app. Moreover, Riding Pink offers new revenue possibilities for thousands of women drivers. They also provide women passengers access to a safer transport choice in Klang Valley, Johor, and other regions of Malaysia. Many of the registered drivers on Riding Pink are stay-at-home moms, working adults and single mothers. Making it one of the best e-hailing apps for women in Malaysia. 

7. Maxim


Since 2003, Maxim has been creating unique taxi ordering technology. With a goal to make e-hailing services more secure, modern and convenient. Maxim allows customers to order taxis however is most convenient for them while taking into consideration the distinctions between small towns and large cities. Thus, drivers can more effectively detect and transfer passengers, reducing passenger driving and idle time.