Best Chinese New Year Hampers to Gift for The Rabbit Year

Send out a CNY hamper this hopping year!
By: Cherelle Lim
January 4, 2023

The Lunar New Year is a festive season everyone is excited about and it’s also time for paying friends and family a visit. Hence, there are many hampers going up for sale before the celebrations arrive. While others prepare ang paos, decorations and traditional foods, some are getting ready to send out hampers! So, Glitz has gathered a list of all the Chinese New Year Hampers you can get that are perfect for sending out this hopping new year.

Chinese New Year Hampers 

YCH Herbs CNY Hamper Gift Box Healthy Longevity 

While some Chinese New Year Hampers come with snacks and drinks, some come with herbs and traditional Chinese ingredients! This is because they tend to symbolise longevity and health which is great for gifting older generations of the family. This hamper by YCH is packed with ingredients that can make dishes like roselle red date tea and chicken herbal soup. 

Price: RM48.88

Where to buy: Shopee

Hamper Malaysia Chinese New Year Halal Hamper Bhc2 

For something to gift to your Muslim friends, check out this Chinese New Year hamper by Hamper Malaysia. This hamper doesn’t contain any pork or alcohol and many of the items are halal-certified. Furthermore, they also contain delicious goodies that are perfect for a family. It also comes with bird’s nest and chicken essence as well for the adults. 

Price: RM220

Where to buy: Shopee

LW Nyonya CNY Cookies Gift Set Hamper Set A 

The LW Nyonya CNY Cookies Gift Set Hamper Set A  is a great Chinese New Year hamper to gift. It features freshly-baked cookies that you just can’t miss during the festive season. Furthermore, everything is handmade in LW Nyonya’s store in Malacca. Utilising only the best ingredients, the hamper also comes with crispy prawn rolls and pineapple tarts. The kuih bangkit is also shaped like a rabbit in celebration of the rabbit year! 

Price: RM138

Where to buy: Shopee

FlowerAdvisor Auspicious Bloom Flower Hamper

If you want to switch it up a little instead of sending a food hamper, check out FlowerAdvisor. They offer a selection of gorgeous fresh flower hampers for you to send out. The hamper is curated with four flowers that symbolise a brand new life filled with happiness and peace. Although they require more care, it is a unique gift that will make a great decoration during the CNY celebrations. 

Price: RM677

Where to buy: FlowerAdvisor

Signature Market Prosperity & Longevity CNY Gift Box 

Besides sending hampers to your friends and families, they are also usually gifted to companies and clients too. To show your appreciation for them, why not send them a Chinese New Year box from Signature Market? This gift box is called the Prosperity & Longevity CNY Gift Box. it is filled with up to 9 healthy and yummy treats perfect for sharing. 

Price: RM308

Where to buy: Shopee

Eu Yan Sang Blissful Oasis CNY Hamper 

The Eu Yan Sang Blissful Oasis CNY Hamper is one filled with nourishing goods for the whole family. Wish your family or friends good health when you send them this Chinese New Year hamper. Specially curated by Eu Yan Sang, it is the go-to shop for quality traditional Chinese health supplements and herbs. Get a load of chicken essence, cordyceps flowers and even golden snow fungus.

Price: RM254.56

Where to buy: Shopee

FlowerAdvisor Heavenly Blessing Hamper 

Did you think FlowerAdvisor only provided floral hampers? Think again! They also offer a hamper full of tangerines! In Chinese culture, tangerines symbolise good luck and are quite auspicious to have them around. Besides, they are great for snacking on when everyone is gathered. This is also a great alternative to gift instead of just flowers as it is packed with both tangerines and scrumptious cookies. 

Price: RM497

Where to buy: FlowerAdvisor