Step ‘Into The Wild’ With Panthère de Cartier Installation

In the footsteps of the panther traveling ephemeral installation
By: Balqis Ariffin
September 7, 2022

Immerse yourself in the Cartier Into The Wild installation, which celebrates its indomitable panther emblem. 

Envisioned as a year-round cultural event, visitors get to embark on a journey through the world of the panther, which made its first appearance on a timeless piece of jewellery watch in 1914.

Source: Cartier

The Into the Wild installation displays the history of this feline collection, which was crafted by Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier’s first female creative director. As a symbol of Cartier, the exhibit displays the emblematic panther through time, form, and place to the intimate intricacies of a now-signature savoir-faire.

Source: Cartier

Visitors can have a truly immersive experience with the displays of sketches, authentic documents, videos, and photographs from Cartier’s archives. The exhibits also include a portrait show of Jeanne Toussaint voiced by actor Édouard Baer.

Source: Cartier

Upon entering the section which provides the origins of the panther, the installation features a comprehensive journey of its expertise, which together uses techniques from the past in the present to create the high jewellery of the future.

Source: Cartier

Visitors can also marvel at the hall of fame, which features portraits of The Duchess of Windsor, Daisy Fellowes, Maria Carla Boscono, Chang Chen, Ella Balinska and Jisoo.

Discover the experience of Cartier Into The Wild installation at Workshop 3, Sentul Depot from 4th to 18th September 2022. Online registration is required and for more details, please click here.

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