Meet The CARRERA | DUCATI Collection

A first look into the range
By: agnes
February 16, 2022

CARRERA Eyewear makes its MotoGP debut as a DUCATI corse official partner. With this, they are launching an incredible 2022 limited edition collection. This is to kick off a multi-year global licence partnership for the creation and marketing of CARRERA | DUCATI co-branded optical eyewear and sunglasses. Here at Glitz, we bring you all the information you will need to know about this collection. 


From the match between Carrera and Ducati comes the Carrera | Ducati Collection; where sport and fashion meet passion and speed. Carrera is synonymous with pioneering design and outstanding quality. On the other hand, Ducati is synonymous with style, sophistication and performance. These two will partner to create much more than a simple collaboration. CARRERA | DUCATI will be a long-lasting partnership for the next four years. What you get is an offering of the full range of iconic sun and optical frames to a young and enthusiastic target market.

The two brand values are strongly united. Starting from their challenging attitude and their qualitative and innovative approach to product and design for the creation of outstanding innovative masterpieces that have distinguished both brands since their early days. The strength of CARRERA | DUCATI Collaboration relies on their similar approach to always creating something special. Whether it’s a 360-degree partnership from the racetrack to lifestyle, from sponsorship to product.

CARRERA will be the Official Partner of DUCATI CORSE. This will start from 2022 as announced by Ducati in their Ducati Lenovo Team 2022 Season launch. Furthermore, they have supported the amazing team that in the past two years has proved to be always at the top of the world’s most popular, exciting and challenging motorbike championship, winning the MotoGP Constructors’ Championship in 2020 and 2021. And to celebrate this bold new match, millions of Carrera and Ducati fans will be delighted with the new CARRERA | DUCATI Collection created with motorcycle riders as the target in mind but suitable for everyday use from anyone who has a sporty attitude inside.

CARRERA | DUCATI Collection Preview

The CARRERA | DUCATI collection takes inspiration from the iconic design of Ducati’s most high-performance bike model, the DUCATI Panigale V4, and every minimal detail has been studied to be consistent with the bikes designed by Ducati’s design team. CARRERA | DUCATI Collection will be recognizable thanks to the most iconic detail on the temples, whose design is inspired by the side view of the Panigale. Aerodynamics blend with functionality and are transferred into the collection with different thicknesses, depending on the consumers’ needs.

The major part of the collection is created to be worn at every race by motorcycle riders. Created for a young consumer who looks for a sporty touch of boldness.

Enriched by styles that combine the same design inspiration with thinner profiles and light constructions, they are suitable for comfortable use by all those searching for an elegant but sporty accessory to complete their everyday look.

2022 Limited Edition

A 2022 limited edition was essential, where both brands express their technology at best. With light materials like carbon fibre and titanium and design lines that would have no peers inside the wind tunnel.

All the styles in the collection are characterized by a range of common features, including:

  • Straight temples, with metal insert, so to be perfect for those who wear them inside a helmet when riding a motorbike, but also adjustable for those who prefer a traditional temple which folds behind the ears
  • Shiny varnish treatment in the inner part of the temples, so to ensure maximum comfort when taking on and off, especially while wearing a helmet
  • Carrera logos on the left lens of the sunglasses and outside the temples
  • Ducati logos on the right lens of the sunglasses and Ducati emblem outside the right end tip
  • Carrera’s signature, the iconic “C” inside the left tip

CARRERA | DUCATI Sponsorship

CARRERA will be lining up together with DUCATI CORSE throughout the entire championship season on DUCATI’s red bikes at circuits all over the world. Recognizable and most importantly, fighting together with the DUCATI riders for the podium every time. For the 2022 season, riders Pecco Bagnaia and Jack Miller will be protagonists of the CARRERA | DUCATI advertising campaign to promote the collection.

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