Camp5 Climbing Gym Review: Perfect For Any Level

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By: agnes
January 18, 2022

If you’ve read our Best Rock Climbing Gyms in Malaysia article, then you would know that Camp5 Climbing Gym is first on our list. No matter what kind of exercise you enjoy, be it hiking or muay Thai; bouldering is something you need to try at least once in your life. Bouldering is a sort of free climbing that is done without the use of ropes or harnesses on small rock formations or manmade rock walls. But choosing the right bouldering spot is important, as you want a place that can accommodate your level. Thus, we are going to give you a Camp5 Climbing Gym review for a deeper insight.

Classes At Camp5 Climbing Gym

1. Try Climbing

Try Climbing is a one-hour climbing lesson led by a certified professional. But there’s no need to worry as their knowledgeable guides will ensure your safety. Climbing will begin with a warm-up and some easy routes before progressing to higher walls and more difficult routes. Furthermore, rest assured that the team is here to support and encourage you as you push yourself to new heights.

Fee: RM55/person

Duration: 1 hour

Class ratio: 1 Guide to 5 Climbers

2. Try Bouldering

What’s a Camp5 Climbing Gym review without a class for kids? Kids under the age of 13 can participate in Camp5 Climbing Gym’s 1-hour Try Bouldering event. Here, the trained Camp5 leaders will bring you to several walls, progressively progressing from easier difficulties up to more difficult ones. However, if you’re over the age of 13, you should sign up for a 1-hour Basic Bouldering Course. With this, you can learn how to boulder on your own. 

Fee: RM35/person

Duration: 1 hour

Class ratio: 1 Guide to 5 Climbers

3. Basic Wall Course

Basic Wall Course (BWC) is an introduction to climbing for those who have no prior experience. In addition to novices, it can also be a class for experienced climbers who want to brush up on their skills. In this course, you’ll master the fundamentals of top-rope sport climbing equipment. This includes how to tie-in, proper belay technique, buddy checks, and commands, as well as how to use it correctly. Moreover, climbing, bouldering, and spotting will all be covered as part of the course. We definitely recommend this course as part of our Camp5 Climbing Gym review.

Fee: RM150/person + Entry Fee

Duration: 4 hours

Class ratio: 1 Instructor to 12 Students

4. Basic Bouldering Course

You’ll learn the fundamentals of bouldering in a one-hour class if this is your first time out. To begin, you’ll learn about handholds, basic footwork, and how to fall safely. In addition, you’ll also learn how to detect another climber. Furthermore, Camp5 membership cards are given out at the end of the course, and you can use them to enter and boulder at any Camp5 location. For those ages 13 and up, this Basic Bouldering Course is ideal.

Fee: MYR 45/person + Entry Fee

Duration: 1 hour

Class ratio: 1 Instructor to 12 Students

5. ABC Climbing (Only Available At Camp5 Paradigm JB)

Whether you’re with friends, your parents, or your kid, ABC Climbing is the class for you. It’s as simple as showing up to Camp5 in your sports attire, completing a briefing, and then get started! If you’re a beginner, our Novice wall is a great option for you, your friends, and your kids to all climb together. Upon completion of the 10-minute briefing, all ABC climbers receive a free keycard that they can use to get an access pass, rent gear, and begin their climb by just flashing their keycard.

Package Offerings

1. Starter Package

Become a Starter Package member and receive an additional five-day pass with your BWC, as well as additional climbing gear (harness, shoes, belayset, and chalk). It costs RM492 in total but you get it at a discount price. Just sign up for any Basic Wall Course and you’ll get the Starter Package. There will be an opportunity to purchase the Starter Package upgrade on the day of your class.

Fee: MYR 345

Package Includes:

  • Basic Wall Course
  • Day Pass x 5
  • Harness Rent x 5
  • Shoes Rent x 5
  • Belayset Rent x 5
  • Chalk bag Rent x 5

2. Kids Cicak Club

Kids have an innate ability to scale walls. Furthermore, coordination, motor abilities, and a well-balanced muscular structure are all enhanced by climbing. As kids face and overcome new challenges, they gain both self-esteem and confidence. Thus, the Cicak Club brings children together in a fun and educational setting. Kids have the option of attending one of two weekly programmes. Here, skills are taught and games are played during each 90-minute session. Moreover, members of the Cicak Club are given their own logbook to keep track of their achievements. This club is definitely worth mentioning in our Camp5 Climbing Gym review.


Joining Fee – RM100 (Receive a Cicak Club T-shirt & Logbook)

Per Session – RM65

10 Sessions – RM510 (valid for 6 months)

20 Sessions – RM810 (valid for 12 months)

Learn From Coaches At Camp5 Climbing Gym

1. Learn To Lead

Climbing naturally progresses into leadership. It is liberating to be able to approach a wall, choose a route, and then climb it on your own. In order to make it easier for you to move from indoor top-roping to lead climbing, Camp5 offers two courses that build on each other. The Lead Rock Course will teach you how to securely lead on outdoor bolted sport routes while the Lead Wall Course focuses on techniques pertinent to indoor lead climbing. The Multipitch course is available for people who want to push their climbing to new heights. To prepare for one of KL’s world-class sport climbing routes, you’ll learn and practise your abilities indoors for 2.5 days.

2. The Youth Development Program

The physical and mental benefits of climbing for young people are well-known. This is why we had to include this in our Camp5 Climbing Gym review. Compared to other activities, climbing provides a wide variety of growth; from motor skill development to problem-solving and self-confidence. Thus, Camp5’s Youth Development Program is designed to optimise these benefits and more.

3. Functional Fitness & Yoga Classes

Climbing is a form of physical activity. Therefore, Camp5 offer functional fitness training, opposing muscle strengthening, mobility, and yoga programmes. These will enhance your climbing ability and performance by allowing you to move more easily. Camp5 has put together a team of climbers, coaches, and fitness, mobility, and yoga specialists to design classes specifically for climbers’ requirements. These classes are open to newcomers and walk-ins alike.

4. Private Coaching Classes

In addition to Camp5 classes and clinics, one-on-one coaching is the best approach to learn the basics. Based on their personal and professional experience, professionalism and interpersonal skills, Camp5 Coaches are great. They must also have a genuine and demonstrated enthusiasm in helping other climbers develop. However, Camp5 Coaches are responsible for their own schedules, questions, and bookings with their clients. Therefore, prior to purchasing classes, we recommend contacting a Coach you’re interested in to see whether they’re available.

5. Basic Movement Course

The Basic Movement Course is a fantastic launch pad for climbers looking to fast-track to steeper gradients. This two-hour practical workshop is intended for those who have just completed the Basic Wall Course. Other than that, it can also be for more experienced climbers who want to brush up. This can be on their fundamental climbing skills and techniques in order to climb more efficiently and avoid overworking their upper bodies. Thus, this can reduce the risk of injury.

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