Are You Thinking Of Hiking Bukit Broga? Read This First!

Everything you need to know about Bukit Broga
By: Nina Shahriman
December 30, 2021

Has this year also turned you into a hiking junkie like us? Well, when it comes to hiking spots in Malaysia, Bukit Broga is one of the most notable. But what if it’s your first time going there? Don’t fret, we got you- here is everything you need to know about Broga Hill if you’re thinking of hiking there soon.

Broga Hill may be found in Semenyih, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia. Bukit Lalang or Bukit Broga are two more names for the area. With a height of 400 metres, it is a very easy trek that provides a panoramic view over Broga town. As a result, it may get quite crowded on weekends, particularly in the mornings and evenings.

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How To Get To Bukit Broga?

There are no public transit options to Broga Hill’s base. The quickest and most convenient mode of transportation is by car. Despite the massive crowds that Broga Hill attracts, the parking lots are large and there is plenty of parking space at the bottom of the mountain. Broga Hill’s entrance is located within a plantation that also serves as a parking lot.

On weekends, an attendant may be present, collecting RM1.00 for each person as a parking fee. The drive from Johor Bahru to Broga Hill via the North-South Highway takes around 4 hours (E2).

If you’re still having trouble finding Bukit Broga, it’s located just across from Rabbit Farmland. You may also lookup University Nottingham Malaysia. Broga Hill is roughly 4 kilometres away from there. Before reaching Broga Hill, you will travel through Semenyih town and pass through the university.

Let’s Talk Trails: There’s 3

Broga Hill is made up of three summits. The first two summits provide a stunning panorama of the surrounding region, while the final/last mountain provides a block perspective. Broga Hill Trail has seen a significant transformation in recent years.

Because of Broga Hill’s popularity and heavy foot traffic, many portions of the route have deteriorated, displaying evidence of soil erosion. There are now two paths leading to the peaks of Broga Hill. Both routes begin from the parking, split at the start of the Broga Hill trail, and reunite at the second peak.

Car Park to the base of Bukit Broga trail

Broga Hill’s parking lot is located within a Plantation. A signboard at the far end of the carpark directs you to the start of the Broga Hill route. To reach the start of the Broga Hill hike, follow the signboard for approximately 350 metres on a gentle ascent. A large signboard reading “Selamat Datang Ke Bukit Broga” marks the start of the journey.

During the weekends, a drink stand located just in front of the signboard sells coconut juice and munchies. You may select between the two pathways to ascend from here. The original route begins just to the left of the large signboard, at the little fence opening. The new path begins by passing just under the large signboard.

The old Bukit Broga trail

The ancient route is shorter, although certain sections are steep. The trekking distance from the start of the Broga Hill route to the 2nd Peak is approximately 1km. Look to the left of the starting location for a small fence opening. “Eco Farm And Park @ Broga Hill (Lot 1837) Entrance Fee RM1.00,” says a sign.

An attendant may be on hand to collect the RM1 admission charge. For the first 250 metres, hike into the woodland route on gentle slopes. At the conclusion, you’ll come to a crossroads, and just ahead of the crossroads is a narrow steep upslope that can only be climbed by one person at a time. Continue trekking up Broga Hill using the ancient trail by taking this route.

If you find this upslope too steep and tight, you can take a minor diversion to the right, approximately 25 metres away. This detour will ultimately go back to the traditional Broga Hill trail. Turn right at the fork in the road and go approximately 25 metres before turning left when you see a path leading upward. However, soil erosion is an issue along some stretches of this alternate path.

The alternate path is still practicable, but assess the trail’s condition before proceeding. After rising up the narrow steep upslope back to the main Old Broga Hill Trail, continue straight for approximately 120 metres and turn left at the T-junction. After passing through the T junction, continue going for another 270 metres to reach the finish of the woodland segment of the trip. On your left, you’ll find a vista. When you reach a Y-junction, choose the route on the right — it’s a tough ascent to Broga Hill’s first summit.

Continue straight for about 270 metres after reaching the first peak to reach Broga Hill’s second top, which has the greatest view. By ascending another 280 metres from the 2nd peak, you may reach the 3rd summit. The view from the third peak is limited due to rocks and trees blocking the vista.

The new Bukit Broga trail

Walk straight ahead from the starting point, underneath the sign “Selamat Datang Ke Bukit Broga – Welcome To Broga Hill.” From here, you’ll descend a short distance before rising up a short piece of upslope with stair-like stairs. You’ll eventually get to a point when the route is on deforestation land. Continue trekking up the slope until you reach the beginning of the Stairs segment. Finally, continue trekking up the stairwell until you reach the second summit of Broga Hill.