Brasserie Leon @ TTDI, Kuala Lumpur Review

Bon appetit!
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
March 3, 2022

Raise your hand if you’re a big French foodie! I know I do. There’s just something about French and Italian cuisine that’ll literally make us sell our soul to the food god. And while Italian cuisine can be found literally anywhere in Kuala Lumpur district, French, not so much. Even if we managed to stumble upon one, you know the price is gonna cost us arm and legs. 

Luckily, Glitz by Beauty Insider found the best, laid-back, affordable, French restaurant, located perfectly at the heart of KL in the friendly neighbourhood of TTDI. Merveilleuse! That’s exactly what we needed right? Perfect for a date night out or a simple family reunion, this restaurant is literally heaven for the Parisian-foodie enthusiast! Check them out. 

About Brasserie Leon KL 

Nestled on the grounds of Cocott, a French-style brasserie named Léon has opened, operated by the same people, Rui Yang Monico, Founder & Manager, and Executive Chef Geoffroi Herin, who hails from Lyon, France. Modelled after French brasseries famed for simple, affordable single meals, its two-dish main menu is fuss-free and focuses on the classic steak-frites dish, providing a relaxing atmosphere for more people to enjoy French food. According to Chef Herin, the French people typically eat in brasseries on a daily basis. Bear in mind that the dishes are not the same as those seen in high-end French restaurants, so those looking to get a foie gras from your date may be disappointed. However, this restaurant will not leave anybody hungry for a delicious French dinner. We’re always at we everytime we enter this bright and cheerful setting with pleasant service—which is appropriate for either a lunch or dinner feast.

Where Is Brasserie Leon KL Located? 

A hidden gem in the neighbourhood. You may head over to this restaurant, which is located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail’s Green Terrace, where they are offering you with the fantastic delightful French food that you can combine with their house wine. From the exterior, the house appears upscale, with high glass walls that let in plenty of natural light (psst, perfect for some Insta #ootd too). Judging by the interior and the ambience, you may think that this restaurant will make you feel like you’re about to go bankrupt, but wait till you look over their menu; you’ll be surprised. 

How Much Does A Meal Cost? 

You can expect to spend $-$$ per meal. Yes, you read it right. One meal per person would not exceed over RM100, we can guarantee you that. Their must-try Homemade Bread (RM5.90) comes with their house-made swirling churned butter—properly sets the tone, being crusty on the surface and soft and fluffy on the inside. Their Deep-Fried Brie Cheese (RM15.90), which houses balls of creamy bliss and is topped with a red onion ginger chutney, is a fan favourite. Their Half-Dozen Baked Shell-less Escargots (RM16.90) are served in a typical garlic butter parsley sauce. The Flamed Cured Mackerel (RM13.90) was delicious, pickled with rice vinegar and chilli and served with a cucumber and shallots vinaigrette. 

Brasserie Leon, KL Menu 

The Main

The main courses are of course, beef & chicken, and you can expect your food to be served with handmade French fries and a substantial bowl of green salad in the typical French way. We adore the lemongrass vinaigrette, but it’s something they’ll be changing shortly to make it more Francophile. The fries are double-fried after seasoning and being laced with baking soda to eliminate the starch. This makes the fries exceptionally crispy while preserving the flavour. They are so flavorful and crispy that you may be tempted to purchase an extra side order in addition to the substantial dish; all for only RM8.90. 

Their wonderfully prepared Grilled Australian Grain-Fed Angus Beef Striploin (RM79.90) for 180grams of soft meat suggested medium-rare doneness. We anticipate that with their secret herb and butter sauce and a liberal sprinkling of sea salt, a lot more beef devotees will flock to Léon pretty soon. That decadent secret sauce, along with the tempting bread and delectable fries, form a trio sonata with movements that leave the serving dish empty!

Those who don’t like meat might opt for a Roasted Spring Chicken or Half-Bird instead (RM19.90). It’s served with a smokey chicken jus prepared from reduced roasted chicken bones, which complements the delectable crispy-skinned chicken. 

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Light Bites

For cheese lovers, the chef has created Deep Fried Brie Cheese Balls (RM 15.90), which you will savour every bite of. Each mouthful is flavorful on its own, and the jam on the side adds a sweet element to it. Depending on your preferences, we dipped into more saucing, to add a new level of flavour. The chef’s signature entrée, Escargots with garlic butter (RM 16.90), is also one of his top sellers. Escargo is fresh and easy to peel away from the shell. For many of us, eating out is simple. The garlic butter packs a punch in terms of flavour.

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Desserts & Drinks

Dessert selections made available include Crème Brulee (RM9.90), Chocolate Mousse (RM10.90), and Tiramisu Verrine (RM10.90), a fan favourite created with handcrafted espresso génoise. Bottled beers and white and red wines by the glass (RM24.90), as well as whiskey by the glass, are available, as are coffee, tea, and soft drinks. If you’re thirsty, we suggest you opt for Free-Flow Filtered Water (RM2.90/table), with all sales benefiting the Helping Hands Penan Charity NGO.

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