BLACKPINK, BTS, EXO, and More: How K-Pop Stars Celebrated Their Christmas This Year

Happy Jolly Christmas!
By: Iffah Salleh
December 27, 2022

Christmas was celebrated all around the world on Sunday, December 25, 2022. Some went out to find entertainment, while others celebrated at home with family and friends.

On the other hand, K-pop stars celebrated their Christmas this year by sharing it with their fans through the release of a Christmas song, becoming a Santa, or performing on stage!

Jennie from Blackpink recently shared on her Instagram today, “Happy holidays everyone. Sending lots of love,” accompanied by a couple of videos embodying the Christmas spirit. 

While her bandmate, Jisoo, posted a beautiful snapshot of BLACKPINK with the phrase, “Merry Christmas,” on December 25, the day itself. Then she also shared photos of adorable bunny Miffy’s plush doll as a gift to her bodyguard.

BLACKPINK’s Europe tour concluded in Amsterdam on December 25, 2022.

Here are some more of the K-pop Stars Celebrated Their Christmas This Year:

BTS’s Jimin, V, and J-Hope

BTS’s Jimin is well-known among his fans for being less active than his other bandmates on social media, but on this particular day, he reached out on Weverse. Fans who have been hoping for updates were definitely surprised! He also sent a heartfelt message to BTS’s oldest member, Jin, who is now serving in the military.

Following that, an ARMY asked him, “Do you have any gifts for ARMY?” In return, he urged the fans to wait for a special present. They also asked him to show them his drawings, and he vowed to get dressed and showcase his artwork. He proudly displayed his drawing, which read, “To ARMY, Merry Christmas- Jimin.” Following a sweet photo of himself.

Jimin’s fellow bandmates, BTS V (Kim Taehyung) also sent fans Christmas gifts. He gave a cover of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” to his fans as a surprise. On December 23, the singer released the song, which he recorded with his pet dog,  Yeotan. Enjoy the video down below.

On Christmas Day, BTS rapper J-Hope had the perfect gift for ARMYs. He recently released his solo album ‘Jack In The Box’, which stunned fans when he joined Crush’s performance on December 25, 2022. 

He arrived out of nowhere on stage during the encore performance of “Rush Hour” and wowed the audience with a tremendous performance. The song on which the two previously collaborated. The fans were left wanting more after Hobi danced and sang with Crush in a surprise cameo appearance.

EXO Celebrates Christmas Through A Manito Game of Exchanging Gifts 

This year, the EXO members celebrate Christmas with the fans through a special video. The band consists of nine members, with seven currently appearing in the Christmas special.  In the video, the members played a fun Manito game to exchange gifts with one another. 

The rules were to buy the most useless gag gifts for their giftee using the budget they got from the red envelopes (ranging from none to 30,000 won inside) Then they start unwrapping each gift while revealing who their secret Santas were, which was both amusing and chaotic. You can watch the whole video through EXO’s official Youtube channel. 

It was shortly posted on Instagram as well. The third image is made up of messages that they wrote. All seven members donned bright and stylish suits and ties, and they all had adorable expressions. This artwork certainly made EXO-Ls feel festive and happy. “Merry Christmas,” says the caption.

Twice’s Tzuyu Gifts ONCEs With A Cover From Ava Max’s, “Christmas Without You”

TWICE’s Tzuyu is spreading Christmas joy to ONCEs everywhere on Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022, by offering them a cover of a holiday hit. The K-pop starlet chose a contemporary Christmas melody and sweetly remixed Ava Max’s 2020 song “Christmas Without You.”

In the video, the TWICE singer wore a comfortable white sweater, and a red scarf, as well as holiday reindeer headgear with little antlers to match her studio version.

Tzuyu’s soothing and sweet rendition of “Christmas Without You” can be viewed below.

Rain Is Becoming Santa This Christmas

On December 25,2022, Rain shared a picture on his personal Instagram, he wrote on, “#Make up #Santa I thought I was going to die alone from dawn… It was a very difficult job #Merry Christmas #I had to buy something expensive #but it was successful #I’m going to sleep now” and shared several photos.

In the photo, Rain was dressed as Santa Claus. He’d changed his appearance by wearing a long white beard and wearing large spectacles. He was nearly unrecognisable. This surprise was a success that made his daughter happy.

Rain married Kim Tae Hee in 2017. The two have two daughters.

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