14 Best Women-Owned Brands to Shop This International Women’s Day

Who run the world? GIRLS!
By: agnes
February 28, 2024

Fashion is subjective, and that’s exactly why I love it so much. You can go all out with bright hues and patterns or keep it monotonous — whichever floats your boat. When it comes to footwear, you can opt to stand tall or stay grounded. And the best part about fashion is that no one can tell you otherwise; just rock it with confidence! Today, there are so many fashion labels out there, many of them helmed by strong, business-minded women. As women ourselves, there’s a certain pride when we see women-owned brands, especially here in Malaysia. We’ll do anything to support them and see more young women entrepreneurs succeed in the business industry. Therefore, Glitz is listing some of the best women-owned brands that you can shop on International Women’s Day.

The Best Women-Owned Brands 2024

1. Solyluna

With so many online fashion companies cropping up, finding one that sells high-quality items is no easy task. Thus, we’re here to present Solyluna, one of the best women-owned brands in Malaysia. Tasha is the amazing woman behind Solyluna, an online fashion business that sells one-of-a-kind and exquisite items. Truly, they sell pieces that every woman should have in her closet. Furthermore, Solyluna makes quality its utmost priority, as each piece undergoes a month-long process. If you want to know more about Solyluna and everything that goes behind the scenes, check out our Glitz Spotlight with the one and only, Tasha!

2. L/R

Source: @lr_thelabel/ Instagram

Fast fashion is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most polluting businesses. Furthermore, we have unwittingly aided the proliferation of fast fashion, which is slowly destroying our ecosystem. If you’re on the lookout for sustainable fashion then check our L/R (pronounced as L and R). L/R is one of the best women-owned brands in Malaysia, founded by Manisha Rose. Manisha Rose hopes to educate fellow Malaysians on the importance of sustainable fashion as the globe becomes more aware of the issue. To read more about Manisha Rose and L/R, click here

3. Closet Game

Source: @closetgame.co/ Instagram

As one of the best women-owned brands in Malaysia, Closet Game offers some of the prettiest and most unique jewellery you can find. They are truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be found anywhere else. On top of that, the quality of these pieces of jewellery is absolutely divine. Founder of Closet Game, Vanessa, better known as Van is the sweetest and most down to earth owner you will ever meet. She is extremely passionate about what she puts out into the market and only promises the best of the best.

4. FERN Batik + Artisanal Collective

FERN Batik + Artisanal Collective is founded by Fern Chua and is known for its distinguished one-of-a-kind pieces, infused with a contemporary flair. The pieces are luxurious to touch and specifically handcrafted by in-house artisans utilising only the finest all-natural materials, with a clear sense of design slanted towards simple, adaptable, and effortlessly beautiful lifestyle resort wear. Since the label’s debut, the designer has created eight significant collections, all of which are inspired by nature and each of which represents an aspect that mirrors the creative.

5. Kanoe

Source: @kanoewear/ Instagram

Kanoe, founded by Noelle Kan, a social worker with extensive experience in the field, promises to be ethical, sustainable, and to use only natural fibres in its products. It is a small yet powerful team that designs all of its clothing in-house. Kanoe works with local businesses and artisans to create unique pieces. In addition, they also use materials sourced from all around the world. We love every single piece that Kanoe produces and we look forward to more amazing collections that the brand is about to release.

6. Wanderlust + Co

Source: @wanderlustandco/ Instagram

Every season, Wanderlust + Co design journey begins with founder Jenn Low and the 90% female-led creative team. They sketch initially on paper, then translate designs into digital sketches and 3D models. As they keep their eyes and hearts open to new trends, materials, shapes, and possibilities, they have quickly become one of the best women-owned brands in Malaysia. Once the design has been confirmed, they are carefully hand-crafted by artisans. Then, they go through a screening process where quality and usefulness are tested by actual people in their everyday lives.

7. Oh Sebenar

Source: @ohsebenar/ Instagram

Oh Sebenar, founded by Nadine Jasmine, is one of the best women-owned brands in Malaysia. Oh Sebenar is a fashion studio situated in Kuala Lumpur that creates limited-edition seasonal collections for ladies. Furthermore, they feature a line of light layers in earthy tones for modern ladies who believe in trans-seasonal pieces. One thing to highlight from Oh Sebenar is their classic items that are easy to layer and mix and match. Classic clothing with a subtly stunning look that features a variety of soft, textured fabrics is what they offer. Moreover, they pay absolute attention to detail when designing and creating each piece, ensuring its excellence.

8. Motherchuckers

Source: @heymotherchuckers/ Instagram

Motherchuckers is a gender-neutral clothing line founded by social media personality and businesswoman Jane Lau, aka Jane Chuck. She has a mission to promote self-acceptance and positivism via design. The brand is known for its quality sweatshirts, T-shirts, and sweat sets, which represent Jane’s personal loungewear style and sporty vibe. Furthermore, she has quickly developed one of the best women-owned brands in Malaysia. Today, every collection drop sells out in minutes. So if you don’t get your hands on the latest drop, you’ll miss out on all the fun and excitement.

9. Kulet

Source: @kuletstore/ Instagram

KULET is a Malaysian footwear company founded by Aina Syahirah and Julie Anne in 2016. This is one of the best women-owned brands in Malaysia that showcases an effortless and refined aesthetic with timeless designs. The name KULET was chosen to better depict the nude colour palette, which is the mainstay of their designs. Furthermore, every piece is intended to complement a variety of skin tones. But here’s the best part, their designs are made from leather that is not generated from animals!

10. Whimsigirl

Source: @whimsigirldsgn/ Instagram

Whimsigirl’s designs are based on the tales, interests, and lifestyles of women from all walks of life so that they can be worn by anybody. Whimsigirl is founded by Syazana Sukiman and aims to create apparel that is as simple as possible. Furthermore, Syazana and the rest of her team are hoping to inspire a new generation of women to feel strong and confident in themselves.

11. Hanya

Source: @shophanya/ Instagram

With a tagline for women, by women, Hanya is a homegrown brand that aspires to empower women. Their mission is reflected in the hidden words of affirmations and reminders included on their tags and packaging. With its functional and comfortable designs, Hanya has garnered immense success and a reputation as a cult-status brand among locals. The brand also champions sustainability by eliminating single use packaging and recycling its own production waste.

12. Christy Ng

Source: @christyngshoes/ Instagram

Christy Ng founded the eponymous brand, which is highly regarded for its high quality and trendy collection. Since its inception in 2012, the brand has experienced success, growing from a small business to several branches across the country. They have also extended their collection by offering women’s handbags along with their signature footwear collection.

13. Alia B.

Alia Bastamam, who founded the eponymous brand Alia B., is no stranger to the local fashion scene. Her renowned atelier brand, Alia Bastamam, branched out to include Alia B. A, which offers exquisite pieces of ready-to-wear collection at affordable prices. In 2017, she won the ‘Designer of the Year’ award at KL Fashion Week, and in 2021, at the KL Fashion Awards, she was honoured with the ‘Decade of Excellence’ award.

14. La Bumba

La Bumba was founded by the duo of Hannah Bhatt and Rufina Tan in 2018. The swimwear brand is favoured for its distinctive design, comfortable, and high-quality materials. Additionally, they promote inclusivity by releasing a capsule collection catering to plus-size women. Their extensive range of swimwear designs includes one-piece, two-piece, and maternity options.

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