Places To Get The Best Salad In Malaysia

Time to boost your health
By: agnes
February 25, 2022

With the increase in daily Covid cases, eating right has never been more important. While we all cross our fingers that another lockdown will not occur, it’s time to boost our health. There are numerous ways to do this: through exercising, eating properly, and even consuming supplements. But we have to say that eating properly is probably the most important one. As the saying goes: “you are what you eat”. Thus, if you eat fast food all the time then your health is not going to be the best. With that, we are introducing you to some spots where you can get the best salad in Malaysia.

1. Salad Atelier

Salad Atelier offers 80 different salad toppers and homemade dressings in the DIY series. When it comes to finicky eaters like us, this is ideal. This is because we’ll be able to have a new salad every day. We definitely think that it’s the ultimate spot for the best salad in Malaysia. Personally, when we go to Salad Atelier, we almost always grab the DIY Salad. In addition to a vast selection of components, they also come in a variety of sizes. The Rabbit, Panda, Racoon, Tiger, Dinosaur, and Freestyle Salads are just a few of the options available. Furthermore, there is a wide range of options available, from completely vegetarian dishes to those containing meat, tofu, fish, and more.

2. Kubis & Kale

Kubis & Kale is a poke bowl pioneer in Malaysia. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more challenging than ever to maintain a nutritious diet while still keeping track of time. However, at Kubis & Kale, you may get simple, seasonal, and nutritious food. Their strategy revolves around sourcing and working with a network of local farmers, suppliers, and communities who promote and support real food. While Kubis & Kale is most famous for its poke bowl, you can still get salads here. Similarly to Salad Atelier, they also offer DIY bowls, where you can opt for greens instead of rice. 

3. La Juiceria

Due to the fact that La Juiceria is Malaysia’s most relevant and fastest-growing healthy brand, they are the pioneering, top-of-mind choice good food company. When making their meals and beverages, La Juiceria Superfoods avoids the use of typical preservatives, chemicals, and other ingredients that are included in a lot of fast food. La Juiceria only has one salad item on the menu: Kale Quinoa Chicken Salad. But it’s an item that’s incredibly popular and many visit La Juiceria just for it. Even though kale is thought to be on the bitter side, the combination of other ingredients makes it lovely. For an even healthier option, you can request no dressing.

4. Simply Green Salad

Simply Green Salad is another great spot for the best salad in Malaysia. You have the option of ordering a pre-made salad or getting creative with your own salad, sandwich or wrap. This salad bar features a wide choice of proteins, like chicken in different flavours. There’s smoked salmon, mushrooms, and tofu too if you don’t fancy chicken. And if you’re here for more than just the salads, try the soups. We’re talking cauliflower, pumpkin, mushroom and more. Furthermore, the juices here are divine and a must-try!

5. Mich’sology

While Mich’sology is also a poke spot, they do offer the best salad in Malaysia. Just like other poke restaurants, Mich’sology also offers to build your own bowls. Therefore, instead of rice, all you need to do is choose the salad option. In terms of variety, there’s not much here. However, we do think that their proteins are pretty delicious, especially the salmon. You can also get really nice dressings, unique dishes like guilt-free sushi, and kombucha. In addition, it is a lovely spot to relax and take a few pictures for the gram!

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