11 New And Best Fine-Dining Restaurants In KL To Visit This Coming Weekend

Bonding sessions over food? Yes, please!
By: agnes
August 18, 2022

The pandemic has closed down many businesses in the past two years. But one thing’s for sure, the restaurant industry is fighting back hard. No matter what the pandemic throws at them, many restaurants are still up and running. In fact, the past year has seen many new cafes and the best restaurants in KL.

From fusion cuisine to pastries and hotpot, KL continues to be a boiling pot of endless flavours. Here at Glitz, we’re introducing you to some of the newest, hottest and best restaurants in KL.

1. The Lemon Tree

Just recently, The Lemon Tree opened its doors to the public, offering a beautiful space with wide selections of pastries and fragrant coffee. Everything from savoury entrees to sweet desserts can be found at the Lemon Tree. For entrees, we highly recommend the Morning Fuel, which includes a buttered croissant, gourmet chicken sausage, and portobello mushroom on one platter. As for the pastries, well, you can go all out to try it all – but we personally love the pistachio croissant, blueberry danish, and more. Furthermore, your visit will not be complete without trying some lemon focused desserts like the Lemon Napoleon. For drinks, get the intriguing Tangy Pear Honey-nade or Fizzy Lemon Coffee – we guarantee you will enjoy them, especially with the hot and humid Malaysian weather. 

Menu:Click here
Operating hours:Daily 8am–6pm
Contact details:+6011 5763 0433


2. Nimbus

Established in January 2022. Founded by Chef Fred Choong, this humble newly opened restaurant offers a Contemporary Asian Cuisine with a casual urban restaurant setting. The creation behind Nimbus menu is designed with the balance of familiarise robust Asian flavours and carefree culinary cooking techniques, ideas and experimental flavour profile. Dine at Nimbus with an open mind as their dishes are constantly evolving to give our guests an exciting gastronomic journey. We absolutely love this place to hosts a small family gathering or a lavish catch-up session with your friends.

Make a reservation here
Operating Hours:  6pm to 10pm (Weekdays), 12pm-3pm (Weekends)
Contact details: +6014 968 8748


3. Diao Yu Tai

We don’t know about you but we cannot get enough of hotpot. The warm and thick broth makes for the perfect meal on a rainy day (or any day for that matter). Well, if you love hotpot as much as we do then we’ve got good news! There’s a new hotpot restaurant in town, known as Diao Yu Tai. We love the adorable homemade fish paste, made into shapes of mini koi fishes. Other than that, the Glutinous Rice with Brown Sugar, Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Beef, and Iberico Pork Belly are all must-tries. Of course, when choosing your broth, you have to get the Mala Soup. But you can also opt for the Pork Bone Soup or Tomato Soup. We highly recommend the latter as it isn’t too watery nor is it too thick – it was a perfect consistency that left us wanting more, more and more!

Operating hours:Weekdays 3pm–12am | Weekends 12–3pm, 6pm–12am
Contact details:+6010 3031 888


4. Finch KL

Located at The Westin Hotel, Finch is one of the newest best restaurants in KL. It opened its doors last August and has since become the ultimate spot for socialites. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you’re greeted with beautiful decor of bird cages and dangling light bulbs. Furthermore, there’s also an al-fresco area that’s truly the highlight of this spot. In addition to that, the menu here is extensive – from Asian cuisine to Western delights. You’ll never run out of options. 

Operating hours:Weekdays 12pm–12am | Weekends 10am–12am
Contact details:+6010 3080 888


5. Shhhbuuuleee

Even though it’s only been open for a few short weeks, this secret rooftop bar and restaurant is already making headlines. Shhhbuuuleee is one of the best restaurants in KL that serves beautiful dishes as well as alcohol. The interior here is rustic and laid-back, but it’s the food that shines the brightest. Every dish presented is gorgeous and would make lovely additions to your Instagram feed. But what’s better is that the flavours are memorable. However, do note that this restaurant only accepts reservations and you can click here to do that.

Menu:Click here
Operating hours:Wed-Sun 5pm–12am
Contact details:+6012 6120 786


6. ONO

Do you love coffee and matcha? Well, at ONO, one of the best restaurants in KL, you can savour them both together. This spot is filled with award-winning baristas that will ensure your coffee and matcha are of the highest quality. They source their coffee from Curate Coffee Roasters and matcha from Niko Neko Matcha, so you can rest assured that they will taste good. The setting here is simple and minimalistic but with big flavours. You can find unique dishes like fig sando and more!

Menu:Click here
Operating hours:Daily 9:30am–5:30pm
Contact details:N/A


7. ANJO 

If you have yet to try Modern European fine dining, then you should definitely visit ANJO. It’s the newest best restaurant in KL that features chef-curated high-end meals. The interior is classy, with beautiful black and gold accents. Yet every dish is colourful and beautiful while you get to watch it being created right in front of your eyes. To make things better, accompany your meal with a delicious cocktail from the bar.

Menu:Click here
Operating hours:Tue-Sun 5–11pm
Contact details:+6019 9771 010


8. ALLO by The Owls Cafe

ALLO is a new spot by The Owls Café and one of the best restaurants in KL. It’s set within Mont Kiara and features a contemporary tropical vibe. At ALLO, you can get classic fusion cuisine and beautiful drink options. We’re big fans of matcha so we appreciate the extensive matcha drinks menu. Alongside that, you can find amazing dishes like curry pasta and waffle breakfast. 

Menu:Click here
Operating hours:Daily 8am–8pm
Contact details:+6017 6369 953


9. Porte 70

Want to know which are the best restaurants in KL? Or more specifically in Salak South? Well, if you have yet to check out Porte 70, this is your sign to do so. Featuring a pretty peachy hue, Porte 70 features a wide selection of desserts and pastries that will delight anyone. But they also serve high-end casual dining dishes, that can pass as fine-dine meals. One thing’s for sure, the flavours here are immaculate and we’ll definitely be paying another visit soon.

Menu:Click here
Operating hours:Wed-Mon 11am–9:30pm
Contact details:+6014 6093 159


10. Jamboo

Hakka cuisine is not something extremely popular, which is why it’s so unique to find a restaurant that does serve Hakka food. Jamboo is one of the newest best restaurants in KL that serves the world’s first customisable Hakka lei cha. First, you choose your vegetable options which will then be served with lei cha soup. Furthermore, you can also find other veggie-friendly dishes like crispy cauliflower and smoothie bowls. 

Menu:Click here
Operating hours:Daily 9:30am–7:30pm | Closed on Tue
Contact details:+6018 2038 664



Adding to Petaling Street’s ever-expanding array of restaurants, Nikizoku is a sophisticated Japanese eatery that welcomes anyone. Here, you’ll find unique dishes that are both pleasing to the eye and tasty. Look for colourful Japas-style platters and imaginative presentations for seafood dishes like salmon and oysters. Truly, this new spot is one of the best restaurants in KL.

Menu:Click here
Operating hours:Tue-Thur 5–11pm | Fri 2pm–12am | Sat 12pm–12am | Sun 12–11pm
Contact details:03-2022 3889


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