Best Online Grocery Delivery Services in Malaysia For Your Daily Essentials

Every item you need delivered to your doorstep asap!
By: Ria Mirano
February 14, 2023

After being cooped up at home for almost 3 years due to the pandemic, we had to adapt and make a few adjustments in our shopping routine – turning to online shopping to shop for groceries and essentials. Even now, with the new normal where we can now go out and shop like we used to, some still opt to choose online grocery shopping services and apps to get the job done. 

Online grocery shopping services and apps make life easier because of their convenience, a broad selection of items, speedy delivery, and fuss-free customer experience. With just a few clicks, you can safely pay and have your groceries delivered to your doorstep in good shape within the day. It’s also great if you don’t have time to drop by the grocery store due to being busy, or if you want to order multiple items without having to carry them all by yourself. 

Glitz has gathered the best go-to online delivery services in Malaysia to have your daily/weekly essentials delivered in a jiffy. 

7 Best Online Grocery Delivery Services in Malaysia

1. GrabMart

One of the famous transportation apps, Grab, has also launched its own online grocery delivery service. GrabMart is one of the best popular online delivery services for groceries that you can get delivered in less than an hour. You can curate your essentials depending on what you need whether it’s purely groceries in grocery marts, pharmacies, bakeries, or gift shops. You can also filter by category depending on your needs. The availability of grocery shops varies per area and booking easy like with Grab’s other in-app services. 

Where to shop: Grab application (Available in App Store & Google Play)

2. HappyFresh

Another one of the go-to apps in the country is HappyFresh! It’s one of the fastest growing online grocery delivery services that was launched in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs. Originally from Jakarta, they’ve expanded to Malaysia to help bring the country’s supermarkets closer to their customers via their website or official app. They’ve partnered with numerous brands and markets in the country to offer high-quality service, personal shoppers, fresh products, and dedicated delivery men to get your items to you just in time. 

Where to shop: HappyFresh on Apple Store & Google Play Apps or through their official website

3. Lotus’s

Formerly known as Tesco, Lotus’s has emerged as one of the best online grocery delivery service apps in Malaysia. They want to bring high-quality products to Malaysian homes daily with ease, despite the demand. Lotus’s aims to bring  one-stop services both offline and online to their customers with their easy-to-use app and seamless navigation. The app also has its own brand of products made of quality and locally sourced products. 

Where to shop: Lotus’s on Apple Store & Google Play Apps or through their official website

4. FoodPanda

FoodPanda is one of the ultimate apps to get to have any kind of food or beverage and groceries delivered to your place. They’ve partnered with multiple businesses to bring whatever your favourite restaurants and shops closer to you. Aside from that, they also have 24-hour delivery service as long as the restaurant or shop is open. With over 4,500 items on the app as it claims, you can get anything delivered from your market of choice – Guardian, 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and more. 

Where to shop: FoodPanda on Apple Store & Google Play Apps or through their official website

5. MyDin

If you’re the type of person who likes to shop depending on the deals, and/or bundles – MyDin is the place to get them! With items constantly offered in discounts or bundles, you can get your essentials while saving money! You can also add discount vouchers at checkout for further discounts. You’ll find the usual grocery item list on MyDin such as cooking, baking, pantry must-haves, toiletries, household supplies, and more. Outside of that, you can also find hard-line to soft-line products to add to your cart and get delivered along with your usual groceries. 

Where to shop: MyDin Online or via the MyDin app on Apple store or Google Play apps

6. PotBoy

This homegrown Malaysian online grocery delivery service that delivers mostly daily goods like canned food, rice, oil, frozen food, and more. They have their own warehouse that delivers groceries nationwide. They’ve also extended their shopping choices to baby supplies, home supplies, and pet needs. However, if you want to shop for fresh food, you won’t find them on this site. Besides that, you can avail free shipping with no minimum spend when ordering online at their store.

Where to shop: PotBoy Online

7. Bawiq

Another app that’s popular in the country is Bawiq! It’s one of the best online grocery delivery service apps that delivers your groceries within 90 minutes. Bawiq has its own trained personal shoppers that hand pick the best items for their customers. Browse through their catalog of daily essentials and high-grade selections while enjoying their promos to save up on your purchase. They also offer many payment options for your convenience. 

Where to shop: Bawiq Online or the Bawiq app on Apple store or Google Play apps