7 of the Best Foot Massagers in Malaysia to Treat Your Feet

Treat your feet to some self care.
By: Aina Shamshuri
March 3, 2023

If you’ve ever gotten a foot massage at a reflexology centre, then you know how good it hurts. However, it can get pricy to constantly get foot massages at a massage parlour or at a reflexology centre, so it’s actually an investment to get a foot massager so you can relax your feet right at home. That being said, continue reading to check out some of the best foot massagers in Malaysia, so you can treat your feet.

A foot massage doesn’t only help you to relax, it can also relieve tension, pain, and even helps you sleep better at night. Taking care of our feet is really important, as unhealthy feet can cause a myriad of problems throughout the entire body if left untreated. As we’re on our feet for long hours, it’s good to get a foot massage to reduce any fluid retention and get the blood flowing properly again. Wearing high heels or any kind of uncomfortable shoes is also unhealthy for the feet. Getting a foot massage can also aid in loosening the muscles that have been working overtime when you walk, run, or even stand for too long.

A good foot massager should take care of your entire foot, and provide optimum pressure so that you feel like the knots in your feet are going away, but it also shouldn’t be too painful. Nowadays, most foot massage machines also have heat therapy, which is when the massager can heat up and warm your feet. Trust us, the heat feels super relaxing, and you’ll feel all the stress of the day just melt away with just a simple 15 minute foot massage.

We’ve tried, tested, and loved these products, so check out our list of best foot massager machines available in Malaysia to see what best suits you!

Best Foot Massage Machines in Malaysia

1. Ogawa O.M.G. Foot Massager

This foot massaging machine will have you going “O.M.G” as soon as you slide your feet into this bad boy. There’s no denying that Ogawa is one of the most well-known home massager machine brands out there, and the O.M.G. machine is definitely one of the best foot massagers in Malaysia. It has three modes with three adjustable levels of massage strengths, and it even uses gua sha technology to really relive tension in not only the feet, but also in joints and knees. This machine also features a rolling massage in the heel, as well as two frontal rollers to help with circulation. One of the best features of this foot massager is that it heats up, so your feet will be treated to a luxurious thermotherapy that will put you right to sleep.

Why we love it:

  • Features three programs to suit your mood
  • Compact and portable
  • Has airbag compression that hugs your feet for relaxation

Price: RM 1199

Where to buy: Ogawa MY

2. Snowfit SnowFeet Comfy

At only RM 499, the SnowFeet Comfy by Snowfit is one of the most affordable foot massage machines in Malaysia. It simulates being massaged by a massage therapist, so you’ll feel like you’re at a foot reflexology centre. It kneads, rolls, rubbs, and presses the pelmatic acupuncture points in the feet to promote the body’s blood circulation. This foot massager features multi-level settings so you can choose the strength you want, and it even fits feet up to size 12! The foot cover itself is detachable and machine-washable, so you won’t have to worry about any lingering odours.

Why we love it:

  • Fits feet up to size 12
  • Has an easy-to-clean foot cover
  • Features humanised massages

Price: RM 499

Where to buy: SnowFit

3. Gintell G-Feetie Plus Foot Massager

We’ve tried and tested the Gintell G-Feetie Plus Foot Massager, and we loved it! One unique feature that this home foot massager has is a swing roller, which gently pushes your whole feet front and back. It also has three kneading intensities, and three squeeze levels that can be chosen to your preference. The G-Feetie Plus also features a rotation ball, a rolling stick, and heating in the instep and bottom. These features mimic a deep shiatsu massage, so you’ll feel like you’re getting a professional foot massage.

Why we love it:

  • Has four modes
  • Has heat therapy
  • Pushes your feet is dual direction

Price: RM 1,288

Where to buy: Gintell

4. Osim uSqueez 2 Smart

This may be one of the more pricier options on our list of best foot massagers in Malaysia, but we think it’s worth it. The uSqueez 2 Smart by Osim simulates the hands of a professional masseuse, thanks to its comprehensive leg massage features. It has a unique adjustable kneading plate that can rotate to reach your thighs, and can be rotated to five positions to cover the whole leg. In addition to that, it also has acupressure massage nodes, which mimics finger-like pressing. It also has reflex rollers on the feet arches, as well as warm air circulation, not to mention vibration for the ultimate relaxation.

Why we love it:

  • Can fully cover your whole leg
  • Has six programs
  • Can be widened to fit different leg sizes

Price: RM 2,088

Where to buy: Osim MY

5. Zero Healthcare The Blue Moon

If you’re looking for an affordable foot massager, The White Foot by Zero Healthcare is the one for you. For only RM 299, you will experience total comfort and relaxation for your aching feet. It has three different modes; scratching, roller kneading, and push kneading. You can also opt for the 3D massage, which is a combination of all three modes plus heating and air pressure for the ultimate feet care. The interior airbag provides comfortable pressure to relieve any tension in your feet, and this foot massager also uses heat therapy to promote blood circulation and relieves stiff muscles, perfect to take the stress of the day away.

Why we love it:

  • Compact and portable
  • Has easy controls
  • Has a removable and washable foot cover

Price: RM 299

Where to buy: Shoppee

6. ITSU iChillax Heat Therapy Foot Massager

The ITSU iChillax Heat Therapy Foot Massager is for anybody who’s looking for a professional massage at home. It features heat therapy which can help with blood circulation, relive foot fatigue, and improve quality of sleep. This foot massager also has three massage rollers with adjustable strength levels, in addition to air pressure massage modes that can be changed to your preference. The controls are super user-friendly, and it only weighs 3.8kg, making it one of the best foot massagers in Malaysia, especially for elder people.

Why we love it:

  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Able to massage for 30 minutes

Price: From RM 438

Where to buy: ITSU

7. Jinkarui Foot Massager

Another affordable foot massaging machine for those on a budget, the Jinkarui Foot Massager will help relieve the tension from your feet and take the worries off your mind. It features a five stage foot massage, alongside six different techniques, as well as nine intensity adjustments. Talk about being adjustable to your preferences! The cloth foot cover is also fully detachable, so you can wash it after use to prevent odour. The airbag will be fully wrapped around your feet, so you can close your eyes and experience a full reflexology treatment right from the comfort of your home.

Why we love it:

  • Has a warming compress
  • Features a five stage massage for the whole foot
  • Fully adjustable to your preference

Price: RM 359

Where to buy: Lazada

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