Send Heartfelt Love with These 11 Best Flower Delivery Services in KL

From Valentine’s Day to Graduation Day, flowers are best to…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
February 1, 2023

There is no need to wait for a significant occasion to have flowers sent over to someone to make their day brighter. After all, there is no specific timing to present these colourful, fragrant blooms to someone to elicit pleasant, loving feelings. Agree? 

Flowers have played a vital role as gifts and gestures of kindness throughout history. A single flower or a large bundle can be used to signify affection, sympathy, memory, celebration, or simply a considerate gesture. In a nutshell, this generational practice incorporates flowers as part of a human relationship. 

Since cupid is flying forward to bring Valentine’s Day to us, check out our handpicked place to order the most stunning flower delivery services around KL. 

Best Flower Delivery Service in KL 

1. Flower Chimp

No matter the situation, stunning blossoms can help you to cheer someone’s day. Stay ahead of the competition with Flower Chimp, Southeast Asia’s most reputable and trusted online flower delivery company. The Flower Chimp site has a wide selection of flowers and decorations at reasonable prices. On its website, you may browse by celebration, type of arrangement or flower, and even budget, whether you’re searching for a floral tower or anything that would cost less than RM100—there’s something for everyone. 

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2. BloomThis

Giden Lim and Penny Choo, a floral power couple, established BloomThis, a membership business that sends a bouquet of fresh flowers to your doorstep (or the doorstep of your loved ones). Every box of personalised blossoms is a mystery; you won’t know what flowers you’re receiving until you open it. Their finest flowers are supplied from all around the world, including Holland, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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3. Evermore Flower

Seeking for a genuinely timeless flower delivery? Evermore Flower’s exquisite beauty in a vase filled with water are fully handcrafted out of paper, due to the skill of origami. They handle art and crepe paper with expert hands, employing methods such as braiding, quilling, and merging to produce these lifelike 3D flowers.

Purchase Evermore Flower via Website or Instagram

4. Daun + Petals

Cherlyn Tan and Claris Lew founded Daun & Petals on Instagram in 2016 with just two-sized bouquets of fresh flowers. These  exceptional florists have since diversified their offerings to include flower decorating for special occasions, weddings, celebrations, and more. All of your orders may be customised, from the type of flowers to your preferred colours as well as the size.

Purchase Daun + Petals via Website or Instagram

5. Quince KL

Quince KL has been designing a magnificent flower arrangement that includes fresh roses, tulips, and their unique best-seller tuberose, as well as dried flowers. While jar flowers are packaged in elegant white boxes, the ancient brown newspaper wrapping is a prominent element that will bring back fond memories for the receivers.

Purchase Quince KL via Instagram

6. Pure Seed

Pure Seed was founded in 1998 and is named after its creator and owner, Lee Pure. They are one of the best online florists in the country, thanks to a devoted staff of innovative florists. Pure Seed’s competence rests in their capacity to produce customised arrangements for any price range and purpose, from anniversary to graduations to hospitality, even bouquets for the oldies. 

Purchase Pure Seed via Website

7. Hwā Floral Design

Hwā Flower Design’s signature’s pale pink floral designs are undeniably exquisite and sumptuous items suitable for a romantic excursion, especially during the initial ”honeymoon” phase. You’ll be extremely delighted with their accessible choices, which range from flower boxes and bunches to bundles and enormous vases.

Purchase Hwā Floral Design via Website or Instagram

8. Petit Petal Co

Petit Petal was founded by Khaleesa Zaidan, who founded the service while on holiday from her Melbourne university. Most of her flowers are from China and Holland— hydrangeas, peonies, roses, and gerberas—all wows in charming pastel tones, dominating their Instagram page. Conventional flowers are packaged in burlap or simple brown paper for that much sought-after vintage wrapping.

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LVLY, an online flower delivery business, fills their unique flower containers with only the finest blossoms. They take pleasure in transporting only freshly chosen and homegrown flowers, which are expertly assembled by in-house florists and sent in biodegradable LVLY packaging.

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10. Syarina Sheen

Syarina Yatim’s bouquets have that vast, forest-like appearance, yet they’re all anchored by a basic brown wrap with grey cloth rope. She even said that she prefers different kinds of bizarre treasures; not only bouquets, but bell jar decorations and intricate centrepieces gracing café worktops, tabletops, and nuptials. Drop Syarina a message if you prefer one-of-a-kind flower arrangements with a touch of excotic feels. 

Purchase Syarina Sheen via Website or Instagram

11. Mekar

Mekar was founded in 2015 and has continued to serve flower lovers in Malaysia over the years. Mekar features a diverse number of flower arrangement services. It specialises in floral arrangements in vases, baskets, and compact bundles, making each delivery fit exactly on a table or in the middle of a tabletop.

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