Fitness Influencer To Motivate You For A Hot Summer Bod

Hot girl/guy summer here I come!
By: Cherelle Lim
March 22, 2023

Be honest with us, have you actually been working out and working towards your fitness goals? Or, have you been slacking off and only exercised for a week before giving up? Don’t worry, we won’t judge! If you are feeling a little dejected, we might just have a solution for you. Stalking a fitness influencer on Instagram is a pretty great way to get your motivation back! Haven’t we all promised a glow-up after the pandemic is over? So, don’t give up just yet! 

This is your chance to finally get your hot girl summer bod or hot guy summer bod. What’s more, is that these fitness influencers sure know more about working out than any of us here. Most of them also share tips on healthy eating and how to work out properly! So, work hard and you’ll be able to show up to school or work looking all glitz and glammed up. 

Top Fitness Influencers In Malaysia

1. Maggy Wang

Head on over to @themaggywang to see what life has to offer. Not only is Maggy Wang one of Malaysia’s most famous TV and radio hosts, she has also been working with several international brands! Aside from her career in entertainment, Maggy Wang is also a fitness trainer/coach @motionlabmy and a fitness enthusiast. You can find all of her workout routines and healthy lifestyle @movewithmaggy where she holds bi-weekly women’s training virtually powered by Adidas Malaysia!

2. Kit Mah

Kit Mah is not only a wellness and fitness icon in Malaysia, but he is also a certified nutritional medicine practitioner. But wait! There’s more. Kit Mah is also a TV host, model and fitness trainer/coach on the wellness platform FitXcapes’ Age Rewind programme. Checking out @kit_mah, both guys and girls will be drooling at the body most guys wish they could achieve. As a fitness influencer, his posts mostly consist of his daily life training and working out. Kit Mah is also using his platform to motivate others, and he also participated in the 21K Strong Virtual Run & Ride Movement by the City of Elmina. Which was an effort to raise funds for Covid-19 relief. 

3. Nana Al Haleq

The Malaysian Fitness Goddess has arrived! Nana Al Haleq is a fitness influencer that is all about a healthy lifestyle. Her workout ethic is as tough as nails and her sculpted figure has earned her an extremely large following in the fitness community. Follow @nanaalhaleq to get an insight into her life, workout routine, skincare tips and even exercising tips for every level! Truly a fitness influencer we should be looking up to. But, did you know that she is also a Wellness Celebrity Coach and an ambassador for Under Armour? What’s more, is that she’s also a TV host! Do we see a pattern here? 

4. Gianni Subba

Have any of you ever wanted to try out MMA? Well, check out Gianni Subba @giannisubba if you are an aspiring martial artist. Gianni is a ONE Championship contender and Flyweight MMA coach. Once looked upon as a newcomer to MMA, he is now spoken of with respect among opponents, coaches and fans alike! On his Instagram, you can get a glimpse of this fitness influencer’s daily life and training sessions.  

5. Esther Loh

Need help losing weight? Esther Loh is one fitness influencer you should definitely check out. Sharing her fitness journey, Esther previously tried crash diets, slimming pills and even excessive workouts to try to lower her weight. But instead of losing weight, she was gaining it. It wasn’t until she learned that weight loss is actually about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise that she finally found her perfect remedy! Moreover, this journey led her to become one of the only certified VYPA instructors in Klang Valley. A high-energy workout featuring boxing, cardio, plyometrics and sculpting. 

With a mission to help women achieve their desired body goals healthily, Esther uses her expansive knowledge of nutrients and how it relates to fitness goals to concoct personalised meal plans that suit her client’s lifestyle. Moreover, she is able to work with clients of different ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds, while also designing choreography along to beat-driven music suitable for all. She was also a guest instructor for IPD KUALA LUMPUR and Adidas! So if you want to learn more and achieve your fitness goals, be sure to follow @eestherloh for some fitness motivation.

6. Yasmin Radzmi

Enthusiastic, energetic and upbeat, Yasmin Radzmi is one fitness instructor you should be following on Instagram. As a Zumba Fitness and Strong Nation instructor, Yasmin has over 6 years of experience teaching group fitness classes. Previously, she organised the largest Zumba Fitness and Strong Nation Master class with over 700 participants! Talk about impressive! Furthermore, she also represented the Malaysia Zumba Fitness community in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. If you need a little motivation in your Zumba classes, just check out all of @yasminradzmi fun experiences that’ll for sure keep you going! Constantly trying to improve her knowledge and skills, Yasmin also designs programs to fit clients’ individual needs, strengths and personal goals, as well as being a coach.

7. Steffi Sarge Kaur

Who says girls can’t play sports? Well, Steffi Sarge Kaur, a national football player proves everyone wrong! The accomplished athlete and fitness influencer represented Malaysia at the 2017 KL SEA Games. Unbothered by gender stereotypes, especially in such a male-dominated sport like football or soccer, Steffi is an inspiration to many young athletes in Malaysia. Check her out @steffisidhu and get to know more about the 33-year-old! 

8. Jordan Yeoh

Since fitness is Jordan Yeoh’s life, he’s founded his own namesake fitness brand, Jordan Yeoh Fitness. The Malaysian fitness influencer, fitness trainer and model is active @jordanyeohfitness as he shares tips and posts about workouts, as well as his life as a…dad! Sorry ladies! He regularly posts easy-to-follow workout routines and his Youtube channel has amassed over 3.4 million subscribers. So, you can definitely follow along with his routines easily at home as his routines range from cardio to bodyweight exercises, to strength training. It’s time to break a sweat. 

9. Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh is one of Malaysia’s, scratch that, ASIA’s best fitness specialists on Youtube. As a nutrition coach and certified fitness trainer, Joanna is also the creator of Fio. is a fitness app that caters to being gym-free and advocates for body, nutrition and mind. @joannasohofficial provides various different workout styles along with qualified trainers to her consumers. Besides that, she also shares wholesome recipes that are preparable in under 20 minutes! Perfect for educating users about having the right mindset when it comes to fitness. We are sure that this fitness influencer can get your summer bod ready by the end of the year!

10. Ishaq Vadillo

To Ishaq Vadillo, staying home means staying fit! The master trainer offers his followers live workouts that will get your heart racing. @ishaqvadillo is full of shenanigans as he incorporates humour into his posts and videos, which can really brighten and motivate your day. Furthermore, Ishaq is also co-founder of ChaCha Kombucha, a kombucha drink in Malaysia He is also the founder of @ivsweat, a community as well as fitness brand selling beach bats. So, give this talented fitness influencer a follow! 

11. Sonia Naidu

Sarawakian go-getter Sonia Naidu is a model, FlyClimb instructor and founder of Dominating on both sides of the spectrum, Sonia rocks both the runway and workout spaces. @sonianaidu features her life as it blends her high-fashion life with her comfortable fitness lifestyle. 

12. Hansen Lee

Life enthusiast Hansen Lee has dabbled in yoga, bodybuilding, pilates and sports. In the end, he has found a balanced regime for your body, mind and soul. Using yoga and movement, he teaches at his boutique gym. As well as being the founder of @ommosapiens, Hansen advocates for a holistic approach to health. @hansenlee is where you can find all his occasional sharings of his routines and classes. Ranging from mobility exercises to yoga poses. A fitness influencer everyone should follow to grasp the balance of a healthy life!