8 Best Places To Yum Cha And Have Dim Sum In KL

The best dim sum restaurants to yum cha with friends!
By: cherelle
May 13, 2022

The weekends are our days of fun. It is the time for us to spend with family and friends. Thus, we tend to go out for a quick brunch or a nice dinner to catch up on everything we’ve missed! Dim Sum is easily one of the most popular breakfasts we all love to have. Especially for large families and groups of friends, bonding over dim sum is one of the best experiences. It is also one of the best places to yum cha with your friends! 

Trust us when we say that you will definitely spend more than an hour at any dim sum restaurant. Besides that, the most important thing about a dim sum restaurant is the atmosphere. If it isn’t buzzing like bees, then you’re in the wrong place! So, here are some of the best dim sum restaurants to yum cha and chit chat with your friends, according to Glitz.

8 Best Dim Sum Restaurants To Yum Cha 

1. Dolly Dim Sum

Dolly Dim Sum is one of the best restaurants in KL to yum cha with friends! The best part is that it is also a Halal place that caters to many of our Muslim friends as well. With several outlets across Malaysia, you can find Dolly Dim Sum at many well-known malls such as IOI City Mall and Nu Sentral. Savour their siew mai, roasted BBQ buns and more. 

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2. Luk Yu Tea House 

Another Halal dim sum place to yum cha is Luk Yu Tea House. Stepping into Luk Yu Tea House, it is reminiscent of villages in ancient China. Portraying elegance, this restaurant represents the beauty of traditional tea houses. With bold red scrolls, latticed windows and embellished wooden chairs decorated within. Fill your tummies with hearty dim sums alongside fine tea imported from China and Taiwan. 

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Operating Hours12pm – 10pm daily 


3. Fatboy Dim Sums

Kids will love visiting Fatboy Dim Sums for a hearty breakfast. Serving some of the best dim sums in KL, Fatboy Dim Sums is here to cheer you up. This dim sum restaurant serves a variety of cute creations that will instantly brighten up your day. Their Fruity Bun set comprises of mantou buns that are naturally coloured and made to look like fruits. What’s more, is that they are all filled with homemade kaya filling. 

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Operating Hours11am – 10pm daily 


4. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is one of the most popular yum cha spots in KL and it serves some of the best dim sums too! This is the place to visit when you are craving xiao long bao as it is a favourite of every customer. It is filled with meaty morsels as well as slurp-worthy broth. Want to enjoy some of Din Tai Fung’s delicacies at home? Well, you can as they sell frozen versions of some of their delicious treats.

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5. The Ming Room

best dim sum

Jio your friends to yum cha at The Ming Room this weekend as they serve some of the best dim sums in KL. every day, they dish out the finest with freshly produced dim sums. To skip the queue, make a reservation beforehand and dive into their wide variety of dishes. Ranging from Imperial Har Gao, Chee Cheong Fun, Pan-Fried Radish Cake and so much more. 

Contact03-2284 8822
Operating Hours10am – 3pm | 6pm – 11pm daily


6. Ful Lai Dim Sum

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Craving dim sums in the dark of night? Head on over to Ful Lai Dim Sum and get your fix! Order some of their tasty treats such as their Lo Mai Kai, marinated Jellyfish, egg tart, Char Siew Bao and baby squid. 

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Operating Hours6.30am -2am daily


7. China Treasures

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Another great restaurant in KL to yum cha and relax is China Treasures. Choose from over 49 selections of dim sum. Furthermore, they also provide private rooms that fit up to 40 pax if you ever need to hold a family reunion! With a buffet-style menu, you can refill many of their signature dishes endlessly. Try their Steamed Dried Scallop, Mini Egg Tarts, Steamed Buttered & Salted Egg Yolk Bamboo Charcoal Bun and more. 

Contact03-2089 3788
Operating Hours11am – 2pm | 6pm – 10pm daily 


8. Hoong Foong Dim Sum

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For a twist on classic dim sums, visit Hoong Foong Dim Sum for a yum cha session with friends! A delicious experience to have, be sure to order their Salted Egg Mai, flaky Yam Puffs and more. Trust us when we say that you’ll definitely be back for more!

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Operating Hours7am – 5pm daily