7 Best Izakaya In KL You’ll Definitely Want To Try

Best Izakaya spots in hideout after work!
By: cherelle
July 20, 2022

If you’ve had a stressful day at work, an ice cold glass of beer is exactly what you need to get you through the night. Instead of hitting up your usual pub, why not head on to the many Izakaya spots in KL! Whether you are near PJ, KL or even Subang, there is bound to be one hiding nearby. But, what is an Izakaya? Well, it is actually a Japanese tavern that serves a range of small dishes to pair with alcohol. If you ever visit Japan, you’ll find that there are plenty of Izakaya taverns in town. 

Famously known as watering holes for typical salarymen, Izakayas are also scattered around Malaysia! They usually serve yakitori and Japanese meats grilled on a skewer. What’s more, is that there is plenty of beer and sake to go around. So, jio your friends or colleagues and head on to the Best Izakaya taverns Beauty Insider has spotted in KL!

Best Izakaya Taverns in KL

1. Kitsuzo Izakaya

One of the best Izakaya spots you should check out is Kitsuzo Izakaya. This cosy place has been in operation at Desa Sri Hartamas since 2016. Many loyal and satisfied customers return for the soothing atmosphere, as well as the attentive service and excellent food. With over 15 different Kushiyaki for you to choose from, it’s no wonder it is a popular spot! If you’re not feeling like meat tonight, don’t worry, because they’ve got a selection of grilled vegetable and fish skewers too. With unique Japanese sake culture and authentic Japanese cuisine, you’ll be crawling back for more! 

Contact+60 11-5413 9551
Operating HoursTue-Sun: 5pm – 12am
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2. Robataya Izakaya

Robataya Izakaya specialises in fire-side cooking and is a great family izakaya spot. To ensure you get the full Japanese experience, they use binchōtan high-grade charcoal. Furthermore, they also serve fresh fish hailing all the way from Japan! With more than three outlets across KL, bring your family out for a unique experience to satisfy your Japanese culinary desires. You can find them at Subang, 1 Utama and even Publika. Whether it is sashimi, sushi, grilled meat, yakitori, sake or beer, they have it all. 

Contact+60 3-6211 2785 | robatayaizakaya@gmail.com
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3. Fujisawa Izakaya

Fujisawa Izakaya is one of the best spots in KL thanks to their reasonably-priced meals. Aside from that, they also offer a wide variety of fresh seafood like oysters, sashimi and yakitori. Their restaurant is also decorated distinctively with three areas. Tatami rooms, common rooms and a bar area. When it comes to alcohol they have a variety of choices on sale. A few of their bestsellers include Kirin Ichiban beer and Gold Flakes Sake. 

ContactPJ: +60 3-9054 8723 | Uptown: 03-74944667 | Kepong: 03-62434633
Operating HoursMon-Fri: 12pm – 11pm | Sat&Sun: 12pm – 12am
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4. Fujiwara Yakitori Bar

The Fujiwara Yakitori Bar is truly a unique experience as it features a concept based on the famous Japanese anime, “Initial D”. This is a fun Izakaya spot in KL to check out for the concept alone, but you’ll want to stay for the food. This Instagram-worthy Yakitori Bar even has a replica of the iconic Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE6 parked out front! Menu-wise, they serve a variety of yakimono like gyu yaki, king oyster mushroom and chicken with Japanese leek. With a glass of Suntory’s Premium Malt draft beer, you’ll be stress-free in no time. 

Contact+60 3-7773 9728 | mofujiwararestaurant@gmail.com
Operating HoursTue-Sun: 3pm – 11pm | Closed on Mondays
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5. Miyako Land Izakaya

If you are craving Japanese food, Miyako Land Izakaya is the place to go. The owners are from Okinawa, Japan and they serve some delicious meals. There are also many types of grills available and some popular yakitori styles include wing, toro, gizzard and tongue. Besides that, they also serve miso eggplant and salmon. Aside from their meat-based menu, they also serve Okinawa-style curry rice with bitter melon and pork ham. 

Contact+60 12-660 5973 | harajuholdings@gmail.com
Operating HoursTue-Sun: 12pm – 2.30pm | 5pm – 11pm | Fri&Sat: till 12am
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6. Ryoshi Izakaya

Ryoshi Izakaya is another great spot serving Japanese cuisine. For ladies that aren’t a big fan of beer, this Izakaya spot serves cocktails that complement their snacks! If you are looking for something heavier to eat, try their pork rice bowl instead. The best part is that they use top-quality products shipped from Japan. 

Contact+60 3-5611 0737
Operating Hours12pm – 2.30pm | 6pm – 12am daily 
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7. Yoshimune Izakaya

Entering Yoshimune Izakaya is like stepping into a local Izakaya right in the heart of Tokyo! This restaurant is headed by Chef Saito Masahiro, who has over 20 years of culinary expertise. They serve a wide variety of yakitori, octopus salad, ramen with wagyu beef, grilled mackerel and barbecued meals. 

Contact+60 3-6143 5688
Operating Hours11.30am -10.30pm daily 
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