11 Basic Badminton Tips For Beginners That’ll Turn You Into A Pro In No Time

Smash like a pro you are
By: Balqis Ariffin
November 25, 2021

As Malaysians, apart from rope jumping or going for a hiking trail, badminton has always been the go-to sport that we leisurely play with our family or friends. It’s almost like a custom to go outside every evening to sweat it all out by playing a game or two until the sun sets in. So, it is definitely not a surprise that our life pretty much revolves around badminton. Whether it’s watching the professional tournaments or simply just being an avid badminton fan. On the other hand, for those who wish to start playing badminton professionally, it is important that you learn the basic badminton tips for beginners so that you can master the skill perfectly. To help you advance your level, Glitz has gathered all the essential badminton information including the best basic badminton tips for beginners.

The Best Basic Badminton Tips For Beginners

1.It is All About the Rules

Similar to any other sport, badminton has its own set of rules that the players need to abide by. Okay, we know that it is really impossible to know all the rules that are stated in its handbook, honestly though who could actually memorize them all?

but you should at least grasp the idea of the basic rules like serving and scoring. Plus, you should also understand the things that you can or cannot do when playing. 

2. Know the Proper Grip

When it comes to the basics, it is important that you know the proper way to grip the handle of the badminton racket. Although it may seem insignificant, holding it the right way will allow you to have control and power in your performance. There are two types of grip techniques namely forehand and backhand. You can try to practise by switching between these two techniques until you are fully comfortable. Instead of holding the racket with a tight and intense grip, try to be more relaxed. Apart from that, if you want to amp up your game, we advise you to choose your badminton racket wisely. For those with small hands, it is recommended to use a racket with smaller grips. On the contrary, people with large hands will find that racket that features large grips suits them perfectly.

3.Warm Up Before You Play

Regardless of the sports you play, warm up is the key before you enter the badminton court. You can opt for stretching, jogging or even skipping, depending on your preference. This will not only help your body to get ready properly, but it will also prevent any injuries. Additionally, you will also notice that it helps to boost your performance. Since badminton is known for its high intensity routine that requires stamina, you should be fully prepared to avoid any unwanted injuries.

4.Learn the Basic Footwork 

For those who have been playing badminton for a while, you must have noticed that it requires good movement to win against the opponent. If you have been looking for the best basic badminton tips for beginners, it is all about perfecting your technique by learning the basic footwork. As you have imagined, it is not only about the speed, but you also need to jump, chase and even lunge at some point during the game. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect so try not to be too hard on yourself especially if you are just starting out.

6.Master the Badminton Shot Techniques

As beginners, you can slowly start to master the basic badminton shots. For starters, you can practise returning the shuttle and gradually, you can learn advanced techniques too. Among the types of badminton shots are smashing, drop shots, net play and defensive high clear. Since there are a few techniques, you can incorporate them during the game whenever you feel it is necessary. Before each game, try to strategize by planning out the basic techniques that we have highlighted earlier including the badminton shots or defensive techniques. 

7. It is Not About Power

Photo by Muktasim Azlan on Unsplash

Honestly, whenever we see professional badminton players, it seems that they put so much strength during the game, right? So, it is not a surprise that beginners try to imitate the similar strength that they see by adding the force way too much. Unfortunately, it can actually tense up your muscles and affect your overall performance. Contrary to popular belief, the secret is to relax your muscles and not grip the racket tightly. It is not about the power that you are exerting, but instead, it is creating the power through the motion including swinging and smashing. 

8. Always Be At the Center 

Next on our list of the best basic badminton tips for beginners, is to always be at the centre of the game. Badminton is about dominating the game by having control over your opponent, so you should completely avoid being the party that is running around just to hit the shuttle. If you want to take charge of the game by deciding the direction of the next game, our advice is to always be at the centre of the court. However, do note that the centre of the court also changes depending on the dynamic during the game as well. Hence, you need to be alert and observe the opponent’s strategy.

9. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

We know that those who search for basic badminton tips for beginners are hoping to perfect their skills like professional players. However, you should not be too hard on yourself as perfection is actually unachievable. Instead of focusing on the mistakes that you do, we advise you to shift your attention to the progress that you have made. We know that learning new skills and techniques take time, but it’s another story of combining them together. So, it is okay if you are unable to master the techniques perfectly. Plus, you definitely should not compare yourself with other players and enjoy the sport while you are learning it. 

10.Positivity is the Way to Go

Even as beginners you should always play the game with a positive mind and eventually it will become a habit that you will never think you need. The mind is a powerful tool that can influence the way we act and perform. Added with the nervousness, the majority of the players will start to question themselves prior to the game, especially during the tournament. Therefore, before you play any games, it is important to bring the best out of yourself and take it as a learning experience to advance your skills to the next level. Trust us, the right mindset is like the hidden treasure that you actually need and it is also upheld by professional athletes. 

11. Cool It Down

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

The final basic badminton tips for beginners is to cool down after rounds of badminton session. Once you are done, you can opt for some strecthing or light walk around the court to prevent muscle cramps and stiffeness. Besides, cooling down also helps to enhance the body flexibility as well. During the stretching, you can hold the position up to 30 seconds, which is slighlty longer during the warm up.

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