Aurora Borealis Inspired Aesthetic Light Shows Happening In Malaysia!

Catch light shows inspired by the Aurora Borealis here!
By: Cherelle Lim
May 6, 2022

From the 30th of April to the 5th of June 2022, Malaysians can now get a glimpse of the northern lights right here in Malaysia! Selected S P Setia developments are creating spectacular light shows inspired by the Aurora Borealis. Taking place in Klang Valley and Penang, these gorgeous sights are open to the public.

Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that many from around the world hope to one day see and experience. It is a magical sight to witness such breathtaking waves of light. The Northern Lights can usually be seen in countries such as Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Alaska. Since that might be too far to travel, we are recreating it right here in Malaysia! 

This recreation promises to be Insta-worthy and each event will also feature a playland with brightly lit LED ballerina, swings and fairies! Be sure to keep a lookout for when and where it is happening in your area right here! 

The Aurora Borealis Events:

Setia Alamsari, Kajang

14 to 15 May (7pm to 10pm)

Precinct Arundina, Setia Eco Park

21 May to 22 May (6pm to 10pm)

Setia Eco Templer, Rawang

28 to 29 May (6pm to 10pm)

Setia Bayuemas Lake Park, Klang

4 to 5 June (10am to 9pm)