Dive In The ‘’Oasis’’ With Alia Bastamam Stunning 2023 Resort Collection

A modern day oasis itself, The Datai Langkawi plays a…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
October 31, 2022

It is known that soft shapes, sleek materials, and an elegant aesthetic are hallmarks of Malaysian renowned fashion designer, Alia Bastamam

However, on October 11, 2022, the most affluent of Malaysia’s high fashion industry gathered to celebrate the unveiling of the highly-anticipated yet distinct from the past year collection: The Resort 2023 Collection was held in the Datai, a luxurious hotel on Malaysia’s beautiful Langkawi island. The collection’s name, ”Oasis”, couldn’t be more appropriate. 

Alia Bastamam Oasis Collection

“With so much happening in our fast-paced world today, sometimes we forget to connect with ourselves. So in creating this collection, I imagined my Alia Bastamam woman in her piece of paradise where she can escape to rest her body and soul,” the designer quips about her continuous source of inspiration – her Alia Bastamam woman. “I pictured her escaping a dry, chaotic landscape and into this utopia of lush greens, flowing streams of water and the echoing sounds of nature.’’

And by just being, the designer creates a collection that truly plucks at her label’s heartstrings – ethereal womanliness to match the Alia Bastamam resort aesthetic. The idea of “Oasis” is imagined with ensembles that seem to belong to desert queens and princesses wrapped in earth tones spotted with bouquets of chartreuse and rose, majestic kaftans in snow white, an array of Alia’s signature pleats made for the warrior woman, soft flowing drapes and wraps to accentuate romance and femininity.

Alia Bastamam Oasis Collection

A modern day oasis itself, The Datai Langkawi plays a part in this collection with a 6-look capsule collaboration composed of Alia’s signature designs reimagined in custom prints inspired by the resort’s untouched surroundings – from its iconic pond of waterlilies upon arrival to the Butterfly Walk, the secret Crystal Creek and down to the calming waves of Datai Bay.

Arnaud Girodon, General Manager of The Datai Langkawi, adds: “We’re delighted about the opportunity to partner with Alia Bastamam on this collection and enter the world of luxury fashion through our brand partnership. We have thoroughly enjoyed this collaboration with Alia Bastamam and her team and are proud of the pieces that have resulted from it – from the water lily print, over the designs inspired by the crashing waves of Datai Bay, to the elegant dress with touches of our butterfly garden.’’

Alia Bastamam Oasis Collection

“Oasis” the Resort 2023 collection and the Alia Bastamam X The Datai Langkawi collaboration are available now on aliabastamam.com, by appointment at the Alia Bastamam Showroom and exclusively at The Boutique at The Datai Langkawi.

For each purchase of the Alia Bastamam X The Datai Langkawi collaboration, 5% will be directed towards The Datai Pledge to protect the wellbeing of the Langkawi’s flora and fauna.

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